2Make a Difference-Smoke-Free DC Apartments

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Smoke-Free DC Apartments

Creating a smoke-free living environment for the residents of our apartment community is just a piece of the living-well approach here in NoMa.  According to the National Cancer Institute, second-hand cigarette smoke exposes us to over 7,000 different chemicals, indicating there is no safe level of exposure.  At 2M, we want only the best for our residents and the greater NoMa neighborhood, so we’ve traded smoking areas for a rooftop zen garden and a beautifully equipped fitness center.

2M was built from the ground up with the planet in mind, and you’re sure to find proof of this around every corner.  Below ground you will find electric car charging stations and cisterns for rainwater collection, at the very top you can spot our rooftop solar panels and trees, and everywhere in between you will find Energy Star appliances, energy efficient lighting, and green label certified paint and finishes.  Our goal is to create an urban oasis, a higher standard of living; creating smoke-free DC apartments is an essential part of the equation.  When you step through our doors, you can breathe easy knowing that life is just a little better here.