5 Resources for Finding the Perfect Roommate

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5 resources for finding the perfect roommate

5 Resources for finding the perfect roommate

Finding the perfect apartment can be a daunting task.  Finding the perfect roommate can be even more difficult.  When you’re searching for a roommate, it can feel like you’re fishing in a sea of incompatible fish. With a blindfold on.  To improve your chances of finding the perfect catch, we’ve compiled a few online resources that will take the guesswork out of the search.

1. Exposed Brick DC

Exposed Brick DC is a local online resource that spotlights and provides commentary on the best available apartments in the District.  A portion of the site, Rooms DC, is a forum community where members can post room vacancies and roommate requests.  Signing in through Facebook eliminates the anonymity of Craigslist, and allows users to verify mutual friends, etc.  

2. Rent Roomies

Rent Roomies is a referral service based in the Washington Metropolitan area that connects renters looking for a compatible roommate.  The three step process involves meeting with a representative for a one-on-one interview, matching you with renters who have a similar lifestyle and personality profile, then meeting with the potential matches.

3. Easy Roommate

Easy Roommate is a resource that has been around for 15 years and claims to be the largest roommate site out there.  Their website allows users to set up a free profile, then search thousands of listings to find the perfect fit.  Those who already have a rental and are looking for a roommate can post their availability as well.

4. Roomates.com

Roommates.com allows users to set up a free profile, then browse through a customized selection of potential roommates.  You are allowed unlimited browsing, then once you decide to reach out to someone (or they reach out to you) there is a $5.99 fee to upgrade to choice membership and send or receive a direct message.

5. Roomster

Roomster is essentially a site for posting available rentals, searchable by “private rooms” or “entire places”.  As an additional feature of the site, users looking for a rental or roommate are able to create a social user profile or sign up via Twitter, Google+ or Facebook, then connect with thousands of other users.

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  2. Finding an apartment is such a hassle. It’s worse when you get there and don’t like your roommates. In my opinion the only way to have a good roommate is to find a friend to room with you before you get the apartment.

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