Being Green Can Be Easy

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Being Green Can Be Easy

The 2M apartment community cares about our planet and our neighborhood, so we built 2M from the ground up following Green Building Act Certification Standards.  From the use of energy efficient appliances to the harvesting of rainwater, we are working to create a healthier, less wasteful home for our residents.  In addition to providing a green living environment, we strive to empower our residents to make green choices in their day-to-day lives.  With some simple tips and thoughtful products, we’re happy to show you that being green can be easy!


Moving into a new apartment is an inevitable and exciting reality of living in a city.  Most of us have gone through the painful experience of paying a ton for cardboard boxes, enduring a stressful move, then trying to figure out what to do with the boxes when all is said and done.  Repax was created to help people move by providing a quicker, cleaner and cheaper alternative to cardboard boxes.  Using plastic bins that hold up to 30% more than typical moving boxes, Repax will deliver right to your door, then pick the boxes up when you’re all unpacked at your new place.  In addition to being larger, these sturdy boxes can handle your heavy items without the risk of a cardboard blowout.  Repax estimates that a 2 bedroom move using their products is equivalent to saving 2 trees and 105 cardboard boxes from the landfill!


Green Living Tips

Once you get settled into your new pad, you’ll need some tips to keep that green glow going.  Here are a few to get you started:

1)  When running a load of laundry, use the cold water option.  Your clothes will last longer and save major water-heating energy.


2)  Consider picking up a drying rack or using a clothes line to cut back on the energy used to dry your clothes.


3)  Cut out the chemicals and begin cleaning and disinfecting with white vinegar and hot water.  Add some baking soda to unclog a drain or give the shower a gentle scrubbing.


4)  Ditch the plastic water bottles and start using a Brita water filter.  Better yet, invest in a water dispenser and have hot and cold water at your fingertips whenever you want it (just remember unplug when you’re not home to conserve energy).  Step the eco-friendly power up a notch with Mountain Valley Spring Water, which is delivered in glass containers.


5)  Literally green up your space by bringing home some low maintenance plants such as english ivy, peace lilies or mums to help detoxify the air.


6)  Plant a balcony garden to control the produce you consume and cut down on transportation and manufacturing costs at the same time.


7)  Before bed, take the time to unplug items that are not in use, such as cellphone and computer chargers, and turn off lights, laptops and cable boxes.  Once a week, evaluate all outlets; if something hasn’t been used in a week, it should stay unplugged until the next time it’s needed.


8)   Pay your bills and your rent online and opt out of credit offers, reducing paper waste and eliminating that nagging stack of mail on your counter.


9)  Take a break from your Netflix binge-watching marathon and check out one of the many inspiring documentaries they offer.  A few of our favorites are: Food, Inc., Garbage Warrior, Who Killed the Electric Car, Tapped, and Garbage Warrior.


10)  Before buying any new furnishings, check out Craigslist or Freecycle for some great finds.  For some great up-cycling inspiration, check out the before and after series from Apartment Therapy, offering tips and tutorials for giving your tired furniture a serious makeover.




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