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NoMa Neighbors Union Kitchen

At 2M, we are big fans of our NoMa neighborhood.  In addition to our convenient location 2 blocks from the red line Metro, we enjoy close proximity to dining, shopping and the night life and entertainment of H Street.  With our NoMa Neighbors series, we are taking to time to recognize some of the businesses in our community.  We’ve already declared our love for Union Market, but we have yet to discuss the wonderful project that is our NoMa Neighbors-Union Kitchen.

Union Kitchen is a refreshing concept that allows members of the food service industry to share a space and resources while growing their businesses.  The UK website describes their business model:

[box] “Our goal is to build a platform and a megaphone for small businesses by providing a low-cost, low-risk, full-service kitchen for local businesses to grow and establish their operations. We eliminate the need for small businesses to take on debt, purchase expensive equipment, sign a long-term lease, or take many of the other risks that business owners have come to expect as the norm for starting a business. UK has over 4,500 square feet of food prep and cooking areas, dry storage, frozen storage, and cold storage. UK offers parking, a full slate of business services, and covers all costs for its members, including utilities, taxes, cleaning, trash collection, pest control, and everything else. As an independent operator, these services are not only costly (thousands of dollars each month) but are also a headache that distract business owners from focusing on what matters most: preparing their best product and finding more customers.”[/box]

In warmer months, a parking lot adjacent to Union Kitchen called, wait for it, The Lot at Union Kitchen, hosts neighborhood events.  Food trucks pull in to deliver delectable dishes and UK staff serve refreshments while local bands perform.  On summer nights, residents stop by for a happy hour of sorts before wandering over to the NoMa Summer Screen, where movies are projected on an outdoor screen.

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