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We’re thrilled to share that the electric car charging stations are officially installed in the 2M Street resident garage!  We’re all about living a thoughtful, eco-friendly lifestyle and want to enable our hybrid car-driving residents to easily recharge at the end of the day.

So as you can imagine, when we first heard about Green Tomato Cars, we knew that we would soon be fast friends.  Acclaimed as the green alternative to taxi and Uber services, this fleet of hybrid Toyota Prius V’s has found its way to DC from across the pond.  Launched in March of 2006 with just 4 cars in West London, the company has now grown to a multinational service for the eco-conscious masses.

If you’re wondering what makes this company so different from other car services, there are a few key aspects that really set them apart.  The core value that perked our ears is the fact that their entire fleet is made up of eco-friendly hybrid cars.  The Toyota Prius V is an advanced hybrid vehicle that switches between a gas engine and an electric motor depending on the driving conditions.  In addition to the Prius, Green Tomato will soon be adding a brand new Tesla model to their fleet.  This means you’ll enjoy a quiet, comfortable ride while reflecting on how much Mother Nature must love you right now.  When you’re done daydreaming, you can enjoy the free wifi onboard every vehicle.

Need more to feel good about?  Green Tomato goes beyond reducing emissions to support other issues that plague our planet.  One initiative to note is their “We Love Polar Bears” campaign, which involved “adopting” polar bears, one major victim of climate change, to incentivize use of their mobile app.  Another program celebrates the birth of Green Tomato customer offspring.  Whenever one of their vehicles drives an expectant mother to the hospital to give birth, a tree is planted in their honor (all they ask is that you share your good news and the little one’s name).  Green Tomato is also a supporter of the UK’s Macmillan Cancer Research Center, but they aren’t content to stop there and are actively pursuing suggestions for how they can become more involved here in DC.

Now you know we love our friends at Uber, but have you ever perfectly timed your trip to the airport or an important event across town, only to find out that there are suddenly no cars in the vicinity?  Green Tomato understands that time is money, and there are a couple of ways that they pass that value along to their customers.  For one, use of their mobile app allows customers to book trips in advance, eliminating the guessing game.  As we know, life isn’t always predictable, so the company puts the money where their mouth is by reimbursing account customers 50 cents for every minute their driver is late.

So now that you’re crushing hard on Green Tomato, go ahead and download their app here.  But hold on, are you ready for the cherry (tomato) on top?  We’ve got the inside scoop on a fantastic deal that offers rides from anywhere in DC to Dulles International Airport for only $60 or to Baltimore International Airport for only $69.  You can read more about the offer here.

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