5 DC Museum Exhibits To Check Out This Winter

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The colder temperatures don’t mean we have to scale back on the fun – there are plenty of winter activities in DC that will keep you warm and entertained. These are the 5 DC Museum exhibits we recommend seeing this winter:

  • T is for Television
  • 22nd Annual Nature’s Best Photograpy Windland Smith Rice Internaional Awards
  • Parallax Gap
  • Objects of Wonder
  • Wall Flowers: Botanical Art

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When summer starts to die down in DC, the abundance of free events and activities to check out starts to dwindle a little.  While many of us have taken refuge in a perfectly air-conditioned museum at the peak of summer’s heat, winter is also a great time to duck in from the outdoors and check out a new exhibit, especially in the absence of free outdoor events.  Here are our recommendations for 5 DC museum exhibits to check out this winter.


T is for Television

via Facebook | National Museum of American History

Take a trip down memory lane when you get up close and personal with a variety of “treasured objects” from some of the most beloved children’s television shows, including Sesame Street, Bill Nye the Science Guy, Mister Rogers and more.

Where: The National Museum of American History
When: Through July 4th, 2018
Cost: Free



22nd Annual Nature’s Best Photography Windland Smith Rice International Awards

via Instagram | @will_where_i_am

If stunning nature photography is your thing (and who’s isn’t it?), you’ll want to head to the National Museum of Natural History to check out all of the stunningly displayed, contest winning photos.  Selected from over 26,000 entries, 60 images from 59 countries throughout the world afford us a glimpse into the wonders of nature.

Where: National Museum of Natural History
When: Through September 2018
Cost: Free



Parallax Gap

via Instagram | @mikesosin

The Renwick Gallery really burst onto the scene a little over 2 years ago with entire rooms transformed into works of art at the hands of some very talented artists.  The location picked up steam as a must-visit destination for those seeking Instagram gold, and that trend continues with the latest installments, including Parallax Gap.  Presented in the Grand Salon, this installation offers a fabricated version of the ceilings of nine iconic American buildings using layers of material to create “both recognizable and abstracted architectural space that change as the view moves underneath”.

Where: The Renwick Gallery
When: Through February 11th, 2018
Cost: Free



Objects of Wonder

via Instagram | @kamrythelin

From rare gems to extinct species, the Objects of Wonder exhibit at the National Museum of Natural History displays the highlights from a collection of more than 145 million artifacts and specimens.  Explore the wonders of the natural world, past and present, with this extensive and impressive display.

Where: National Museum of Natural History
When: Through 2019
Cost: Free



Wall Flowers: Botanical Art

Enjoy the beauty of nature’s flora in a whole new way with this mural exhibit, featuring works from some of DC’s finest large-scale artists.  There’s always something new to see at the Botanic Gardens, so be sure to take a stroll through the various gardens during your visit as well!

Where: United States Botanic Garden
When: Through October 15th, 2018
Cost: Free




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