What 2M Means 2Me: Lisa’s Story

Our 2M Community

Earlier this year, we asked you, our residents, what does living at 2M mean to you? Is is the luxurious amenity spaces throughout the building, or your eco-friendly apartment? Our weekly fitness classes, or monthly resident events? While a beautiful apartment and glamorous amenities are nice to have, a strong sense of community is what truly makes a place feel like home. Your stories tell us that 2M is more than just a place to rest your head, and they deserve to be told.

In the video below, Lisa, a three-year resident of 2M, shares her story:

“I am one of many low-income families that have been dreaming of living in a safe, loving, and peaceful building like 2M. See for me, living at 2M is not about the luxurious amenity spaces or the pool, and all of the other beautiful amenities that 2M has to offer. For me, it’s about having a peace of mind, a safe haven.”

“2M is my home. I love living here. I take pride in living here.”