What 2M Means 2Me: Shauna T, Craig H, and Scott G’s Story

Our 2M Community

Earlier this year, we asked you, our residents, what does living at 2M mean to you? Is is the luxurious amenity spaces throughout the building, or your eco-friendly apartment? Our weekly fitness classes, or monthly resident events? While a beautiful apartment and glamorous amenities are nice to have, a strong sense of community is what truly makes a place feel like home. Your stories tell us that 2M is more than just a place to rest your head, and they deserve to be told.

Here, three of our contest winners and residents, Shauna, Craig, and Scott, share their story: 

“After getting engaged while dating long-distance, Shauna and Craig searched for their first home together in D.C. An avid basketball fan, Craig had admired the basketball court of 2M while walking by.  He was pleased when Shauna, who had been on the swimming team at her Southern California high school, loved the rooftop lap pool and also wanted to move in. After touring the apartment, they decided that they needed to look no further and moved in June 2017.

While helping the couple move in, Scott admired the amenities and quality of the apartment — as well as its close proximity to a metro stop and grocery store. Having just started a new job, Scott chose to take a leap and move into the same building. Craig and Scott had lived on the same dorm room floor in college, and were now living in the same building once again! When Shauna is away on (frequent) work travel, Scott keeps Craig company by rooting for The Ohio State University Buckeyes together with him and competing with him at the gym.

Together, the three of them have helped shift the center of gravity of their friend group toward NoMA — encouraging their friends to join them at fun nearby events and bars such as NoMa Summer Screen and Wunder Garten, as well as inviting them to ample get-togethers at their respective apartments.

2M will always have a place in their hearts as the spot where they all reunited.