2015 NoMa Summer Screen Schedule

Summer is right around the corner and NoMa BID has released the 2015 N0Ma Summer Screen schedule!  Kicking of May 22nd at the Storey Park Lot at 1005 First Street NE (new location!), join your neighbors for free outdoor movie screenings every Wednesday night at sundown.  The theme this year is “Dance, Dance, Dance” and these selections are sure to get you up out of your seats:

May 27: Dirty Dancing (PG-13)
June 3: Center Stage (PG-13)
June 10: Bride & Prejudice (PG-13)
June 17: Flashdance (R)
June 24: Strictly Ballroom (PG, 1992)
July 1: Grease (PG-13)
July 8: Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo (PG)
July 15: Singin’ in the Rain
July 22: Save the Last Dance (PG-13)
July 29: Moulin Rouge (PG-13)
August 5: Stomp the Yard (PG-13)
August 12: Footloose (R)

Get more info about the series and what to expect here.

2015 NoMa Summer Screen Schedule | Free outdoor movie screenings in Washington DC

And The Prize Goes To…

Our first 2 vs 2 basketball tournament has come to a close!  As the reigning champions, Greg Van Houten and Greg Warren took home the coveted prize of a case of Keystone tall boys.

2M Basketball Tournament Winners | 2 vs 2 basketball league at 2M Street apartments in Washington DC

Thank you to all who participated; it was a great way for everyone to get to know their neighbors better and we look forward to providing more opportunities like this in the future.  We’ll keep you updated on any future leagues and groups that may be of interest, and don’t be shy about sending ideas our way!


Tippy Pretty Paws Pet Care

Last week we had a special visit from Tippy Pretty Paws pet care services!  They were nice enough to stop by to get to know our four-legged residents and see what assistance they may be able to offer for their human counterparts.  We hope you all had a chance to meet and greet and indulge your pets with some treats!  If you missed out, you can visit their website or stop by the front desk for more info about their pet walking and grooming services.

Tippy Pretty Paws Pet Care | Pet grooming and walking services in Washington DC Tippy Pretty Paws Pet Care Stops By 2M To Discuss The Services They Offer

A Moving Checklist to Take the Stress Out Of Your Move

Whether you’re moving out on your own for the first time, relocating or just movin’ on up in the world, moving to a new apartment is something to get excited about!  There are plenty of moments to celebrate along the way…but there are plenty of stressors sure to pop up as well.  Getting proactive and staying on top of what needs to get done every step of the way will go a long ways towards minimizing frustrations.  Our friends at Apartminty are sharing a moving checklist to take the stress out of your move so you can really enjoy all of the amazing parts of moving into a new apartment.

a moving checklist to take the stress out of moving

9 Great Apps for Apartment Dwellers

These days, everyone is looking for new ways to streamline their lives.  New technology continues to allow us to keep track of all of the moving parts and attend to our day to day tasks with less effort and in a more organized way than ever before.  Whether you’re looking for a way to get ahead or just want to have a little fun, there are some really great options to there.  We think you’ll like these 9 great apps for apartment dwellers.


For car-free city dwellers, having an transportation app handy can be a lifesaver.  Transit shows realtime updates and departure times for all nearby transportation options plus the closest bike and car share locations.  Tracking the next departure time for your Metro bus or rail can make the difference between knowing you have a few extra minutes to grab a coffee versus sitting on a cold bench for an extra 5 minutes.

9 great apps for apartment dwellers


Any apartment dweller knows how many different bits of confidential and personal information in needed to rent these days.  Wickr allows users to send self-destructing encrypted messages, helping to ensure that information does not hang around long enough for an unintended audience to lay eyes on it.  If you share your apartment with someone, this could be a great way to share Social Security numbers and account information when applying for a rental or getting shared bills payed.

Food Truck Fiesta

When lunch time rolls around and you’re ready for a change from your neighborhood favorites, Food Truck Fiesta is here to show you exactly who’s in your neighborhood serving up their goods.  This app automates its DC map of where various food trucks are at any given time based on tweets announcing their location.  Enjoy your meal outside on a nice Summer day or take it back to your cozy apartment on a chilly Winter day.

9 great apps for apartment dwellers

Happy Hour Finder

You work hard and when the day is done you deserve a quick snack and cocktail before heading back to your apartment.  Happy Hour Finder is pretty self-explanatory: allow the app to access your current location or enter a different location, then you can see where happy hours are taking place that day in either list or map form.

Meal Mate

When it’s time to think about dinner, there’s an app for that too.  Living in an apartment in DC means you have to maximize how efficiently you use your space and time.  Meal Mate helps you plan a shopping list and meals for the week based on your individualized wants and needs, minimizing waste from buying too much and hunger from buying too little.  After using your Happy Hour Finder, you’ll be grateful that someone else has done the planning for you!

9 great apps for apartment dwellers

Touch Fit

Whether you prefer the comfort of your own apartment or the equipment available to you in the 2M fitness center, Touch Fit will revolutionize the way you workout with an app.  Elite athlete Georges St-Pierre brings you a library of 500+ exercise videos but goes beyond your typical workout app by allowing you to give feedback about how difficult each exercise is.  The app will then take this feedback and use it to track your progress and create future workouts customized for you.  This one will cost you $4.99 but spending just a minute to scroll through the reviews should convince you of its value.


In the fast paced world (and city) that we live in, time seems to just slip through our fingertips.  Too often, we end up with a lot of our to-do list still unfinished at the end of the week; setting aside time for the things you actually want to do on top of that can feel impossible at times.  Timeful allows you to Sync your calendars, add in daily tasks and even create some time for the good habits you’d like to maintain.  Timeful takes this information and suggests pockets of time and provides reminders about those self-improvement items that seem to get lost in the shuffle.  You can even set up shared calendars to show you as busy during those times!

9 great apps for apartment dwellers


Mint is a money managing app of sorts that syncs with your bank accounts, allows you to set up bill pay, set budgets for different categories like food and clothing, and monitor your credit all in one place.  When you’re getting settled into a new place, wrapping your head around how much you’re actually spending on utilities, eating out, entertainment and everything else under the sun, it’s great to have a place to set some goals then see how close you actually are to meeting them.


Whether you want to show off your amazing apartment building and all its amenities or watch the world go by outside your window, Hyperlapse takes video then plays them in a time lapse you can share directly to Instagram.  The humble brag has never been easier.


So we want to know apartment dwellers, what apps can’t you live without in 2015?

Valentine’s Day Dinner in Your Apartment

It sounds like it’s going to be a chilly Valentine’s Weekend here in DC…if the lovestruck crowds aren’t enough to keep you home on Saturday night, then maybe the 15 degree weather will do the trick!  No matter who you plan to celebrate with, we have a few ideas for hosting a Valentine’s Day dinner in your apartment.

What to Eat

valentine's day in your apartment

For the Love Birds

If you plan on spending the night in alone with your sweetheart, then a nice sit-down meal is in order.  If you know your way around the kitchen, start with some oysters and a warm spinach, white bean and parmesan salad, followed by this tomato walnut basil pasta, then serve this raw coconut cream and berry pie for dessert.  If you’re still still getting comfortable using your kitchen then keep it simple by using a service like Blue Apron or ScratchDC who will deliver prepped and pre-portioned fresh ingredients and recipes straight to your door.  If you’d rather leave the oven off altogether but don’t want to settle for pizza (again) then pick something a little fancier on Seamless and have a gourmet meal delivered (just be sure to break out the good plates!).

For Your Besties

If you’d rather spend this holiday with a group of couples or with a bunch of your single pals, keep the nibbles fun and playful! Some of our favorite options are these cherry tomato hearts, balsamic strawberry and goat cheese crostini, mozzarella hearts with red pepper dipping sauce and these gummy wine hearts.

For the Anti-Valentine

If you’re among the camp that simply doesn’t buy into the Valentine’s Day hoopla, then this is the option for you.  Whether you truly despise all things lovey-dovey or simply want to poke a little fun, serving up some Broken Hearted Salad, I’m Nacho Valentine Nachos, Shot Through the Heart Skewers, and Voodoo Doll Cookies will do the trick.


What to Drink

valentine's day dinner in your apartment

For the Love Birds

Since it’s just the two of you, put in a little extra effort by springing for some specialty ingredients and spending a little extra time crafting your concoction.  A couple of our favorites are this raspberry rosewater gin ricky and the cheeky Sherlock and Watson.

For Your Besties

We’re talking about people you like here, so you still want to put together something special, but stick with a large batch cocktail so you don’t end up playing bartender all night.  We love the sound of this grilled citrus and grape sangria and this amaretto-bourbon punch.  

For the Anti-Valentine

Sipping on a black rose, bleeding heart martini, or cupid’s broken arrow might just get you feeling warm and fuzzy enough to prompt a change of heart!


What to Do

valentine's day dinner in your apartment

For the Love Birds

If you’re a hopeless romantic, visit a local shop and set up a gourmet chocolate tasting for you and your beau.  If you’re feeling adventurous, throw in some blindfolds and take turns guessing the flavors!  If you’d rather keep things light and playful, take advantage of the fact that you’re an adult with your own apartment by gathering all of your pillows and blankets and constructing a good old fashioned fort in your living room.  Throw on your pjs, grab a laptop and let the Netflix marathon begin!

For Your Besties

Have a couple of games and activities planned will help ease those awkward and inevitable lulls in conversation.  You can try picking up a bunch of traditional treats and playing a few rounds of Valentine’s Minute to Win It or set up a crafting station where guests can decorate their own gingerbread house-inspired Love Shacks!

For the Anti-Valentine

Love-bashing should keep you and your crowd busy enough, so throw on a “Not Love Songs” playlist like this one or put on a silly Rom Com and play the Mustache Game.  Never heard of the Mustache Game?  We just made your life 100 times better.  You’re welcome and happy Valentine’s Day!