Fall DIY Projects for your Apartment

There’s something about the Fall season that awakens the creative spirit; coming up with unforgettable customs at Halloween, creating the perfect meal during Thanksgiving, or decorating your apartment for the Holidays. Autumn seems to open up endless opportunities to craft something warm and special. What better way to take this artistic season one step further than to add in some fun “Do it yourself” projects.

Your apartment aesthetic will become the envy of all of the others with these easy to accomplish “do it yourself” Fall projects:

Sunflower Wreath


Allow your apartment door to express your Autumn excitement! The Sunflower wreath is the perfect décor if you’re looking to make a strong statement on your apartment door. Take a weekend and create something that your friends, family, and neighbors will admire all season long.



Sweater Pillows


The fall season means sweater season. Instead of getting rid of your older sweaters as you purchase new ones, maximize them by crafting some cozy sweater pillows. This DIY project is guaranteed to add the perfect Fall look to your living room or bedroom.


Decorated Toilet Paper Rolls


Spice up the look of your bathroom this season with festive Fall toilet paper rolls! Who said that your bathroom can’t match your Autumn excitement? Take a weekend and jump into this fun Fall DIY project


Yarn Pumpkins


Pumpkins are one of the popular staples of the Fall season, but sometimes it’s a huge chore to have to maintain real one’s overtime. Eliminate that problem altogether with these easy-to-make festive yarn pumpkins! You will love the simplicity, yet stunning aesthetic that this DIY project will bring to your apartment.



Yarn Candy Corn Cones


Your favorite Halloween candy comes to life with this fun Fall design. Your Yarn Candy Corn Cones (Say that 3x fast) will be the Fall envy of all of your friends and family. Place them in your window seal, dining room table, or even outside of your door for a stunning Autumn look!


Goodwill Pack & Ship

Your spring cleaning season just got a lot easier! With the help of a new Goodwill service, you can now donate your items more conveniently than ever. 

The Pack & Ship service allows you to mail your donations of clothing, shoes, and accessories to Goodwill at no cost and at a time that is most suitable for you.

Follow these 5 easy steps:

1. Pack and seal their box of donated clothing, footwear, and accessories

2. Visit: packandship.dcgoodwill.org

3. Schedule a date they would like the donation picked up by the U.S. Postal Service

4. Print a mailing label from the website and affix it to their donation box

5. Leave the donation box at the concierge desk on the date they would like it picked up (or deliver the box to their nearest USPS location)

3 Easy Spring-Cleaning Tips for your Apartment

January and February are a thing of the past, and March is officially on the calendar! Along with warmer weather and cherry blossom season, the time to begin your spring cleaning is here. For renters’ this is an exciting opportunity to get a fresh jump on sprucing up your apartment in the front end of the new year!

We know that cleaning and organizing your apartment sounds fantastic, but we also understand that it requires time and energy that a lot you reading this might not have an overabundance of in your everyday lives.

For this reason, we’ve decided to overview three time efficient cleaning tips to make getting your apartment clean super easy just in time for the spring season! 


 Cleaning your apartment can be broken down into what we call, “The Big 3” – The kitchen, the bathroom, and the bedroom. These are generally the areas of the apartment that are used the most and are going to take the longest to clean; this makes it super important that these areas are addressed first. Studies show that cleaning at least 1 of these three areas make the most visual difference in the cleanliness of your apartment.

Cleaning is already exhausting enough as it is, don’t make it any harder by tasking yourself with cleaning every closet, nook, and cranny inside of your apartment in a single day. If you’re short on time, break down the significant 3 areas of your apartment as you see fit, and tidy up accordingly.


 A big factor in organizing your apartment home is knowing when to part ways with additional materials that create clutter; this means trashing the mountain of junk mail, old receipts, and even older grocery lists laying on all of your counter surfaces.

Doing this is a fast and effective way of cleaning your apartment when you’re in a time crunch. You will quickly find that having less clutter makes your apartment home feel more open and most importantly cleaner.

So, say goodbye to clutter, and hello to spring clean!


 The smell of your apartment home matters when it comes time to freshen up. We all know that it’s unsettling when your apartment is a disaster area, but it’s even worse when the smell of your apartment matches the look.

Instead of adding insult to injury, try adding in a scent like a candle, a scented plug-in, or an essential oil diffuser to your cleaning process when you’re short on time. In no way are we saying a clean smell makes up for a messy apartment, but the aroma of your place goes a long way when you don’t have hours to deep clean your apartment.

Cleaning will always be a process, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a difficult process.

Welcome to March, and happy spring cleaning! 

Après Ski Party | Wunder Garten

Wunder Garten’s highly anticipated Après Ski Party is just around the corner! Here’s a list of activities you can look forward to from a Noma’s biggest winter party weekend.

Festive Ski Outfits


Cozy Fire Pits


Snow Ball Toss Competition


Mouthwatering Smore’s 


DJ Dance Party 


RSVP For Après Ski Event

Join Wunder Garten over two weekends (Feb 7-10 and Feb 14-17) for the annual Apres Ski festivities. Come dressed in your comfiest ski gear and join us for a great line up of apres ski-themed sweets-making activities, a ski-themed snow globe, fire pits, s’ mores, costume competitions, snowball toss competition, DJ dance parties on Saturday and more!


Introducing: The 2M Phone Application

Apartment living can be hard to keep up with sometimes; from keeping track of package notifications from your Amazon orders, processing maintenance requests, staying updated on community events, or even having a smooth path to pay your rent every month. We understand that it can be very exhausting. What if there was a place you that could go on your phone to make everything a little simpler? Don’t worry, we have you covered. Welcome to The 2M phone application! This application is a helpful way to improve how you, the resident interacts with the property. With this service, you will be provided with instant access to manage all of your apartment needs. At last! One central place where everything is at your fingertips.

Here are some features you will benefit from while using The 2M phone app:

1. Streamlined Communication

Improved communication with you, and 2M. Community messages will be pushed straight to your phone.

2. Rent Payments

A streamlined terminal to access all of your rent payments from the interactive rent dashboard.

3. Authorized Entrants

You can now register your apartment guests and deliveries {dog walkers, cleaners, etc. } straight from your mobile device.

4. Maintenance Requests

Maintenance request made easier! Submit, comment, and view the status of your work orders.

5. Events and Reservations

Don’t miss out on the next Yoga class because you missed an email! RSVP for building events or reserve spaces for your personal gatherings.

6. Virtual Bulletin Board

You will have access to a controlled platform where you can keep track of upcoming events and services.

7. Package Notifications

Your new package tracking hub! Get up to date notifications of inbound packages.

How do I access The 2M App?

You can easily download The Collective phone application through the App Store or Google Play by searching, “The 2M Apartments” in the search column.

PLEASE NOTE: You will need to enter the cell phone number associated with your resident account when you initially open the application so an authorization can be sent to you. Once the authorization code is submitted, you will have full access to all of the application features. 

When is The 2M app going live?

We will implement The Collective phone application on January 15th, 2019. We are very excited to be introducing something that we know is going to make life easier for our residents. Before the application goes live, take a look around the application to familiarize yourself.

If you have any other questions about The 2M app, feel free to go to: The 2M App FAQ

What 2M Means 2Me: Shauna T, Craig H, and Scott G’s Story

Earlier this year, we asked you, our residents, what does living at 2M mean to you? Is is the luxurious amenity spaces throughout the building, or your eco-friendly apartment? Our weekly fitness classes, or monthly resident events? While a beautiful apartment and glamorous amenities are nice to have, a strong sense of community is what truly makes a place feel like home. Your stories tell us that 2M is more than just a place to rest your head, and they deserve to be told.

Here, three of our contest winners and residents, Shauna, Craig, and Scott, share their story: 

“After getting engaged while dating long-distance, Shauna and Craig searched for their first home together in D.C. An avid basketball fan, Craig had admired the basketball court of 2M while walking by.  He was pleased when Shauna, who had been on the swimming team at her Southern California high school, loved the rooftop lap pool and also wanted to move in. After touring the apartment, they decided that they needed to look no further and moved in June 2017.

While helping the couple move in, Scott admired the amenities and quality of the apartment — as well as its close proximity to a metro stop and grocery store. Having just started a new job, Scott chose to take a leap and move into the same building. Craig and Scott had lived on the same dorm room floor in college, and were now living in the same building once again! When Shauna is away on (frequent) work travel, Scott keeps Craig company by rooting for The Ohio State University Buckeyes together with him and competing with him at the gym.

Together, the three of them have helped shift the center of gravity of their friend group toward NoMA — encouraging their friends to join them at fun nearby events and bars such as NoMa Summer Screen and Wunder Garten, as well as inviting them to ample get-togethers at their respective apartments.

2M will always have a place in their hearts as the spot where they all reunited.