What 2M Means 2Me: Sommer’s Story

Earlier this year, we asked you, our residents, what does living at 2M mean to you? Is is the luxurious amenity spaces throughout the building, or your eco-friendly apartment? Our weekly fitness classes, or monthly resident events? While a beautiful apartment and glamorous amenities are nice to have, a strong sense of community is what truly makes a place feel like home. Your stories tell us that 2M is more than just a place to rest your head, and they deserve to be told.

Here, one of our contest winners and residents, Sommer, shares her story: 

“Permanent has always been a something I’ve associated with the idea of home.  My parents still live in the house they bought when they were married twenty-five years ago; my mom has only ever lived in two different houses in her entire life.  These days, permanence and home seem almost contradictory.  Most people move a handful of times in their childhood, then move away for college, the spend a summer interning in an entirely new city before graduating and moving all over again.  But now that the ephemerality of my college years is over, my base instinct is to resort back to the symbiotic ideas of permanence and home on which I was raised.

When it was time to search for my first apartment out of college, I wanted a place that I could call home for more reasons than it just being the place where I slept.  I wanted the amenities, the style of a modern building, and breathtaking city views, but underneath that vanity what I wanted most was a community to call home.  2M blew me away because it offered both.  My roommate and I toured the building for the first time with our eyes wide and jaws dropped, marveling at the stunning glass and marble entrance, apartment units with monumental views, and of course the cerulean rooftop pool that would later be the focal point of most of my summer Snapchats.

And while the amenities themselves were more than enough to entice me, it was our leasing consultant, Sarah, who really sealed the deal for my roommate and me.  Sarah was energetic, genuine, and kind from the moment we walked into her office and seeing 2M through her eyes made us realize the quality and depth of the building’s community.  From morning yoga classes to make-your-own waffle bars to board game nights, Sarah explained that it wasn’t just the glamorous amenities that made the building so attractive, but the community of people that would stretch and eat and laugh with you along the way.  And for me, that’s what gave 2M the potential to be both permanent and a home.

After living at 2M for almost a year, I can proudly say that I’ve taken full advantage of the waffle bars and yoga classes, and that the pool and rooftop views here are luxuries I won’t be ready to give up anytime soon.  But more importantly, I’ve come to value the friendships I’ve made and the kindness of the 2M staff – and as a young woman in a brand new city, I can tell you that there’s nothing more comforting than the desk attendant welcoming you back at three a.m. with a smile because they’re happy you got home safe and sound.  2M has welcomed me to DC with open arms in the underappreciated forms of morning coffee and door holding when your hands are full.  I’m so proud to call this building my home, and I’m looking forward to all the memories I’m bound to make in a place as special as this.”

What 2M Means 2Me: Resident Stories Contest Winners

Earlier this year, we asked you, our residents, what does living at 2M mean to you? Is is the luxurious amenity spaces throughout the building, or your eco-friendly apartment? Our weekly fitness classes, or monthly resident events? Stories poured in about what makes 2M home to our residents, and there was a common denominator to each and every story: 2M is a close-knit and welcoming community. 

While a beautiful apartment and glamorous amenities are nice to have, a strong sense of community is what truly makes a place feel like home. Your stories tell us that 2M is more than just a place to rest your head, and they deserve to be told.  Here, we present a roundup of the contest winners. Keep an eye out for full posts of each of the winners’ stories to come over the next few months. Thanks again to everyone who shared their experiences with us!

Lisa N.

Shauna T., Craig H., and Scott G.

Catalina G.

Sommer F.

Courtney N.

Olé, Olé, It’s National Tequila Day!

How to Make the Perfect Margarita

It’s National Margarita Day, and you know what that means! It’s time to celebrate with the perfect margarita. Ditch the crowded restaurants and make your own with these simple recipes. Follow these steps to make our favorite champagne margarita:

  1. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice
  2. Add 4 tablespoons of Rose’s Sweetened Lime Juice 
  3. Add 2 oz. of white tequila
  4. Add 2 oz. of Triple Sec
  5. Add 1 tablespoon of freshly squeezed lime juice
  6. Add 6 oz. of brut champagne or sparkling wine
  7. Shake and strain into glasses

Who doesn’t love a good excuse to enjoy a margarita? We know we do, and National Margarita Day is the perfect one.  You can take the celebrations out on the town with one of these awesome DC margarita spots.  Not feeling up for a night on the town? Pick up a few ingredients and mix up one of these awesome cocktails at home.

Tequila Mojito

National Tequila Day | Tequila Mojito Recipe


Muddled mint leaves, simple syrup, and fresh lime juice marry the flavors of a margarita and mojito together in one glorious glass.


Champagne Margarita

National Tequila Day | Champagne Margarita
via: the kitchen is my playground


Make it a true celebration by adding a little bubbly to your standard marg ingredients, served in a flute, of course!

Honey Paloma

National Tequila Day | Honey Paloma Cocktail
via: the little epicurean


Adding in fresh grapefruit juice and honey turns a typical margarita into a paloma, and we’re pretty happy about that.

Rosemary Refresher

National Tequila Day | Rosemary Refresher
via: table matters


We absolutely love the addition of fresh herbs to almost any cocktail.  Mix these up in a big batch and sit back and enjoy with friends.

Cucumber Lime Margaritas

National Tequila Day | Cucumber Lime Margarita
via: tastes lovely


We can think of few things more refreshing than cucumber and lime to help cut the heat on a July day.  Keep a few cucumber slices for garnish if you’re fancy.


Let’s Get Physical

A quick word from your favorite Property Manager Doug:

Dear Residents,

Currently we have 8 teams that have signed up for the building 2V2 basketball league and I wanted to follow up to see if anyone else would like to be added to the list. In order to qualify to play in this outstanding league you must be able to tomahawk dunk and rain 3 pointers like Larry Bird. If you do not have someone to play with we will team you up with another individual that is looking for a team. I will close the list on Friday and send out team assignments and game times next week. I am anticipating league play to start on Thursday February 12th. so get your Reebok pumps and headbands ready. If you have suggestions on the length of games and the format for league play please send me your ideas.

Boot camp will take place tomorrow night at 6:30PM in the basketball gym. No sign up is necessary so bring your drive and determination and we will provide the sweat and tears.

Halloween Yappy Hour

We hope everyone enjoyed Friday’s Halloween Yappy Hour as much as we did!  There were so many creative costumes and the pups certainly enjoyed strutting their stuff.  We’re proud to be a pet-friendly community at it is so fun to see them letting loose in the dog park!  We’re extending a big thanks to everyone who came out for tricks and treats, and sending our congratulations to Leo for rocking his Hot Dog for Sale costume and to Alexandra for putting it together!

Halloween Yappy Hour

Enjoy some more adorable photos below; should you be inspired to adopt a pet of your own, please reach out to our friends at Homeward Trails Animal Rescue!

IMG_4143 IMG_2070 IMG_6116 IMG_9813 IMG_7981 IMG_6285 IMG_4327 20141031_175921 20141031_175026 20141031_174952 20141031_174433 20141031_174227(0) 20141031_174049 20141031_173947 20141031_173937 20141031_173817 20141031_173633 20141031_173437 20141031_173431 20141031_172105 20141031_172558 20141031_172722 20141031_172739 20141031_173038 20141031_172034 20141031_171527 20141031_171525 20141031_171446 20141031_171401 20141031_171334 Halloween-Yappy-Hour

What Our Residents Are Saying

Just a few short months after welcoming our first move-ins, the 2M team is proud of the community developing before our eyes.  We’re honored to have such wonderful residents and thrilled to hear how much they enjoy living at 2M.  If you haven’t yet visited 2M, here’s what our residents are saying; if you’re already part of the 2M community, look for your thoughts below!

1. No Amenity Fees!


We know how frustrating it can be to find your dream apartment, within your price range, only to find out there are a bunch of hidden costs involved.  Our community amenities are here for you to enjoy, free of charge.  In addition, thanks to our Smart Pricing, you’ll never have to worry about outrageous rent increases when you renew your lease!

 2. Home Sweet Home

what our residents are saying

We’ve crafted our community to be a special place to live; we want you to return each night truly feeling like you’re coming home.  We appreciate all feedback and use it to guide our planning for the future of 2M and its residents.


3. Designed With You In Mind

what our residents are saying

We’ve carefully designed our apartments with your needs in mind; between your own space and our numerous amenities (Zen Garden, Fitness Center, Club Room, Cyber Cafe…) there’s so much room for activities!!


4. A Work In Progress

what our residents are saying

We are so proud of our brand new community but are fully aware of the growing pains that come with that.  Your open communication helps us to constantly improve, tackling issues head on, in a timely manner.


5. Join The Emmy Fan Club


Not only is 2M a pet-friendly community, we are lucky enough to call this miniature English Bulldog a member of the 2M team.  Emmy keeps herself busy testing out the Bark Park equipment, sampling treats for her furry neighbors, and throwing yappy hours in style!  Keep an eye on what the @2MPup is up to on Instagram!


6. Take In Your Surroundings

what our residents are saying

Unwind after a long day by taking in the sweeping capitol views  from our Rooftop Pool, Skyline Lounge, a stroll through the Zen Garden or even from your own balcony!


7. Location, Location, Location!

what our residents are saying

In addition to enjoying close proximity to the Red Line Metro, living in our NoMa neighborhood makes running errands and enjoying a night out a breeze.


We’ve been reviewing your feedback and have noticed that the community could use and extra set of eyes and ears.  Our community is brand new, and for our residents and team alike, this means getting familiar with new electronics, gym equipment and scheduling.  To further improve the resident experience, we’ve added James to the team as our night time ambassador!  James will be on hand to help do everything from turning on the darn T.V. to helping carry your shopping bags.  Keep an eye out for our Q&A with James next week!