5 Easy Plants to Grow this Spring Season

Spring Season at 2M Street

Another Spring season in DC is here! And the time to decide which plants you want to grace your apartment home with this season begins now. If you are like most apartment dwellers, this is also the time of year where you begin to face the harsh reality that while having plants inside of your apartment home sounds nice, it can be hard to keep them alive at times.

But we’re here to tell you to, pick your chin up, stop your worrying, break out that seed starter, and put on those plant gloves because this is the season that you are going to grow and maintain those apartment plants successfully! And your 2M family is here to help!

One of the most common reasons why renters’ have trouble successfully maintaining the plants inside of their apartments is because of lack of time. Between work and social life, residents find that there are very few hours left in a day to give their plants the attention they need. Another main reason is remembering to apply the proper upkeep required for the plants to be able to thrive during the season.

So, what is the best way to combat maximizing your time and your memory?

Grow plants that don’t require as much attention!

Now, there are a countless number of “easy to maintain” plants out there, but we have taken the liberty of creating a list of five of our favorite, “low maintenance” plants for your Spring season.

We hope that this is the year that you will be able to overcome your plant growing slump, and officially obtain your green thumb!

Happy planting!


Snake Plant

The Snake Plant is the most ideal plant for the people who don’t have a lot of growing experience. 

These plants can be grown in low light and only need to be watered occasionally.

The Snake plant also has a beautiful design that enhances everything in the room. Owners also love this plant because it also removes toxins from the air. All of these things make it a perfect starter plant for any apartment home. 

Your visitors will surely want to mimic your apartment-style once they see this plant standing tall in your apartment.

Spider Plant 

The Spider plant is easily one of the most popular houseplants. People gravitate to this plant because of its toughness, ease of growing and maintenance.

This plant quickly adapts to almost any condition making suitable to display on your private balcony.

Be sure to keep the plant in a bright spot and maintain slight moisture in the soil, and it will grow happily!


Peace Lily 

The Peace Lily is among the most natural plants to grow indoors.

The Peace Lily can tolerate a wide range of lighting conditions and only needs moderate watering.

You will love the Peace Lily’s curved leaves and white flowers. This ultimately gives the plant an exotic and elegant look.

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your apartment this Spring season, this Peace Lily will immediately add a beautiful look to your residence. 

Lucky Bamboo 

Lucky bamboo is a beautiful and natural plant to grow.

Provide it abundant water, and it’ll grow well even in indirect light. People love this plant because of its sturdy nature.

Protect the plant from cold drafts and provide iron fertilizer occasionally. Once full-grown, this plant will add a classic look to your apartment this season, and many seasons going forward. 


Succulents & Cacti

Succulents and Cacti are ideal for those who tend to forget to water and care for plants.

These plants are very adaptable and can survive many adverse conditions.

They simply need to be placed on a bright spot with well-drained soil and a little water.

This plant is perfect for residents who have a balcony in their apartment home!

A Day in the Life of Emmy the 2M Pup

Hi friends, Emmy here!  Before long, I’ll be moving in to my new pad at 2M Street.  I can’t wait to meet all of my new neighbors (humans and pets), but since we’re still a few weeks away from welcoming our first residents, I wanted to give you all an idea of what I’m up to from day to day.

While 2M is being completed, I have been spending my days at the WC Smith corporate office.  While there, you can usually find me…

Helping Holli with paperwork:

Emmy the 2M Pup


Visiting with my friends:

Emmy the 2M Pup


Contributing to important meetings:

Emmy the 2M Pup


Relaxing with my furry friends:

Emmy the 2M Pup

Giving out hugs and kisses:

Emmy the 2M Pup

…and of course, naps:

Emmy the 2M Pup

Lots of naps…Emmy the 2M Pup Emmy the 2M Pup Emmy the 2M Pup

I’ve made so many great friends here and I can’t wait to show them my new apartment and building!  Once I move in to 2M street, I’ll be spending my days in the leasing office with Doug and the rest of the team.  In the leasing office, I’ll be able to hang in my dog house, 2Emmy Street (see above) with my stuffed animal friends.  Throughout the day, I hope to see my neighbors and potential residents popping in to say hello!  I never say no to a belly rub or a healthy snack!

As a pet-friendly community, 2M Street will have plenty of four-legged roommates for me to play with.  Our private dog park, located within our enclosed courtyard, will be the perfect place to meet up with my friends for some afternoon fresh air and exercise.  While many residents will be pet-owners, there are sure to be some who are too busy, cannot afford a pet of their own (we can be a little high maintenance, you know), or simply haven’t found their furry soulmate yet.  I’m excited to spend some time with my neighbors in the leasing office or at the front desk, and Doug and I might even take them for a walk around the courtyard!  After all, everyone deserves a little puppy love.

When dinner time comes, I’ll retire to my apartment with Doug.  Some of my favorite things to do at home are taking a warm, relaxing bath, enjoying a peanut butter-filled Kong for dessert, then snuggling up for some guilty pleasure TV!

Until we meet at 2M Street, you can follow my day to day activities on Instagram and Twitter; my name is @2Mpup, of course!  You can also take a look at these Frequently Asked Questions to get to know me better.  Thanks for putting your day on paws to read about little old me; I hope you have a very yappy day!  Oh, what was that?  You want one more photo?  Puppy selfie it is!

Emmy the 2M Pup