Meet 2M Night Ambassador James Smith

Last week we told you to be on the lookout for some information about our newest team member James.  James is the new 2M Night Ambassador and his goal is to make your life at 2M easy and stress-free; what’s not to like, right?  When he’s on duty, you’ll have someone to help with tech issues, carrying bags and everything in between!  Here’s a little bit about James.

Meet 2M Night Ambassador James
What made you want to come work at 2M?
I was always interested in real estate and property management.  In my research of the company I found that I can be myself, be helpful, grow with the company and retire a very happy and established man.

What might we find you doing when you’re not at work?
Spending quality time with my mini-me’s (my children), watching sports, cooking, enjoying friends and life, and waiting & looking for the future Mrs. Smith!

What are some of your favorite things about DC?
All the monuments, sporting venues, and the new city nightlife.

If 2M were a song, what would it be?
“Georgia” (It stays on my mind, lol)

A TV Show?
“The Love Boat” (It’s exciting & new)

A Super Hero?
Flash (The building is filling up fast!)

What do you think draws residents to 2M and the NoMa neighborhood?
The location (very accessible) and the amenities.

What do you think is the best “green” feature at 2M?
The fact that the building is totally non-smoking.

What is the 2M amenity you’re most excited about?
The indoor basketball court!