Meet The 2M Team: Paulito Maslog

Meet The 2M Team: Assistant Property Manager Paulito Maslog

Have you had a chance to get to know our Assistant Property Manager Paulito yet?  We asked him to share a little bit about himself, how he ended up at 2M and what he loves most about being here.


What made you want to come work for WC Smith/2M?
The opportunity for career growth and obtain valuable work experiences.

What do you like to do when you’re not working?
On my free time, I spend time with my family and especially my daughter. I also like to play tennis and watch Redskins football games.

Where do you see NoMa in 5 years?
A vibrant area. I wouldn’t be surprise if it becomes like another Chinatown or U street area. Looks like the city is definitely trying to promote the area.

If you only had 1 day in DC, what are your top 3 musts?
I would like to visit the White House and grab some seafood at Maine Avenue, SE.

If 2M were a song, what would it be?
Hustlin by Rick Ross

What do you think draws residents to 2M/NoMa now?
The amenities and the apartments.

What is your favorite green feature at 2M?
The electronic leases.

What is your favorite 2M amenity?
The Skyline Lounge.

Describe your perfect day at 2M.
When a prospect or resident expresses how they love the apartment and the building.

Why would your pet love to live here?
The dog park and how pet friendly we are with dogs.

If you could choose a floor to live on at 2M?
I would like to live on the 12th floor.

What is your favorite place to grab lunch in the neighborhood?
From the variety of food trucks in the neighborhood.

Meet the 2M Team: Jamila White

Meet The 2M Team | Jamila White

What was the path that led you here, either personally or professionally?
I just recently moved from Atlanta to the DC metro area, I was intrigued by leasing in DC because of the diversity, culture, and the increase in business and the growing apartment/condo market. WC Smith was kindly enough to give me an opportunity to grow with the company and experience their growth with the housing market.

What made you want to come work for WC Smith and 2M?
I’ve always worked for large property management companies, where you usually get lost with a high number of employees. WC Smith offers a smaller and more personable work family.

What do you like to do when you’re not working?
I like to spend time with my family, my dogs, and exploring DC’s museums and restaurants.  I’ve recently started volunteering at the local hospital on my days off.

Where do you see NoMa in 5 years?
I see NoMa as a thriving area with a lot of business, high-end apartment communities and a mixed community where the residents are able to enjoy concerts and local parks in the area.

If you only had 1 day in DC, what are your top 3 musts?
Shopping in Georgetown, I would enjoy a local festival and I would visit the Zoo.

If 2M were a song or super hero what would it be?
Wonder Woman would be my super hero because she clears destruction and creates beauty in people and things. The song I would choose is Happy by Pharrell because when I’m at the amenities at 2M they give me a feeling of delight.

What do you think draws residents to 2M/NoMa now?
The quality of area growing profusely, diversity, convenience to the local party/restaurant districts, 2M’s amazing rooftop DC views and of course, EMMY!

What is your favorite green feature at 2M?
My favorite green feature is the Zen Garden. I love to relax there with a glass of wine and my laptop at night.

What is your favorite 2M amenity?
My favorite 2M amenity is the portion of the Courtyard with the Capitol and Monument views.

Describe your perfect day at 2M:
My perfect day at 2M is when we have residents are at the rooftop pool just enjoying what the community has to offer. That seems to be when our resident are in their most relaxed state.

Why would your pet love to live here?
My dogs love it here because they have met so many other dogs to enjoy the dog park with.

If you could choose a floor to live on at 2M?
I would choose my floor, which is the 11th floor. It’s has amazing views and my fellow residents are very nice.

3 words to describe 2M/NoMa?
Progressive, Vibrant and Exuberant

Halloween Doors: A Great DIY Decor Option For Renters

Ahh, October…there are so many reasons to adore this time of year.  The heat wave of Summer has passed, sweater season is upon us and pumpkin everything has taken over.  While apartment dwellers can enjoy this season with the best of them, there are certain things that are just a little less rental-friendly.  Skip the pumpkin carving this year and instead opt for a great DIY decor option for renters: Halloween Doors!

While Frankie was definitely a favorite, there are so many different ideas to try:

Halloween Doors | DIY Decor Ideas for Renters | Frankenstein Door


A Spooky Jack-o-Lantern with a bat-filled night sky…

Halloween Doors | DIY Decor Ideas for Renters | Jack-o-Lantern Door


A playful Minion…

Halloween Doors | DIY Decor Ideas for Renters | Minion Door

And a less-than-intimidating ghost, just to name a few!

Halloween Doors | DIY Decor Ideas for Renters | Ghost Door


How would you decorate your door?  Scary or silly?  Traditional or trendy?

2M Street Achieves LEED Gold Designation

We are so excited to announce that 2M has achieved LEED Gold Designation! What does that mean for you? Let us explain:

  • Green label certified paints and finishes
  • Energy Star appliances
  • 182 Rooftop solar panels
  • Energy efficient lighting
  • Two water cisterns for rainwater harvesting
  • Two electric car charging stations
  • Just blocks away from the nearby Metro stations

Read more about this exciting achievement and what it means for our residents…

We are so proud to announce that our apartment community has succeeded in achieving LEED Gold designation from the US Green Building Council! LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System. The US Green Building Council set up the LEED system to measure the environmental sustainability of buildings. To receive certification, the building must go through a rigorous application and review process.

There is a wide range of sustainable features that contributed toward this achievement, including a green roof, a rainwater harvesting system, a rooftop solar array, Energy Star appliances, energy efficient lighting, and green label-certified paints and finishes. Being located just two blocks from the NoMa-Gallaudet Metro Station, three blocks from Union Station, our easy access to transit and resident’s ability to take advantage of reserved bike parking and electric car charging stations adds to the eco-friendly nature of our community.

Thank you to all of our residents for choosing 2M and contributing to a more eco-friendly future for all.

Click here to read more about the green features at 2M.

2M Resident Profile: Chelsea Floyd

2M Apartments Resident Profile | Howard University Student Chelsea Floyd

As we approach the anniversary of our first move-ins, we’re taking some time to appreciate the community our amazing residents have begun to create.  You, our residents, are the ones who truly make our community a home.  In honor of that, we’re turning the spotlight on some of our own to hear all about how they live their #2MLife.  This week, we’re catching up with Chelsea Floyd.  Chelsea is a student at Howard University working towards a major in Broadcast News and a minor in Psychology.  She moved to DC from the west coast and has fallen in love with 2M and the NoMa area ever since.

What were your first thoughts of 2M? 
I can remember the first time I visited 2M and toured my soon to be apartment. As soon as I walked in I told myself “Now this is where I am supposed to be!” I immediately fell in love with the lobby décor, amenities and floor plan of my future apartment.

What attracted you to NoMa?
NoMa is an evolving area. I lived in Northwest DC prior to moving to 2M this year. During that time I noticed the drastic developments. The NoMa area made me feel right at home! Modern and conveniently located near the Metro and grocery store.

What does living the 2M Life mean for you?
Living the 2M Life to me means truly being comfortable at home. Whether it’s me being in my apartment relaxing and playing music, studying downstairs in the computer lab or chatting it up with other residents around the pool. 2M is where I am proud to call home.

In your apartment what do you love the most?
The view! The window in my living room is easily my staple piece. Every visitor I’ve had has been blown away by the incredible view!

What is your favorite 2M amenity? 
The gym. The equipment is new and always kept nice and clean. Not to mention it’s conveniently located right in the apartment. So there’s no need to commute!

Describe your perfect day exploring DC:
My perfect day exploring DC would be taking a jog to visit the White House. Then going shopping in Georgetown and ending the night with a candle lit dinner on one of the cruise ships near the Harbor!

Describe your perfect day at 2M:
Grabbing a cup of hot chocolate from the lobby and heading up to the penthouse or to the screening room for a picture perfect movie night!

What do you think draws residents to 2M/NoMa now?
The feeling of getting the absolute best quality for your buck!

3 words to describe 2M? 
Modern. Stylish. Welcoming.

chelsea-floyd-2m-apartments-artwork-2 chelsea-floyd-2M-apartments-artwork chelsea-floyd-2m-apartments-couch chelsea-floyd-2m-apartments-kitchen chelsea-floyd-2m-apartments-residentchelsea-floyd-2M-apartment-bathroom 2M Resident Chelsea Floyd's Apartment | Welcome Mat