Resident FAQs

Hey 2M residents!  We’ve had a few repeat questions lately and want to make sure all residents clearly understand some of the policies in place in our community and the purpose behind them.  If you have additional questions please let us know!

Why are the stairwells locked?

Just as the elevators only go to the floors that you live on, the stairwells operate in the same manner.  By limiting access to the stairs, we encourage residents and visitors to use the elevators; this limits unwanted traffic on the resident floors. Also, this will give you an opportunity to meet some of your fellow residents at the elevator lobbies (yay new friends!). Not to worry though – in the event of an emergency, doors to the stairway will unlock to provide an exit.

Why does 2M send rent reminder emails?

We know you are busy, and we know you don’t want to be charged a late fee.  We also know that many of you share expenses with roommates.  The email is sent as a friendly reminder to make sure rent is paid before late fees begin.  This is a universal email that is sent to all accurate email addresses in our system; if we remove it, no one will  be able to receive the reminder.

What is the guest and delivery policy?

The concierge team has been instructed to contact all residents before allowing guests or deliveries up to the apartment. If the resident does not answer the call from the front desk and verify that the guest is authorized we will not let that individual into the building.  This is intended to keep unwanted visitors from coming into the building (*cough* ex-boyfriends *cough*).

Why do all packages need to be logged in? 

We track package delivery for several reasons.  First, we want to keep a record of what is received and what is picked up.  This is for your benefit and ours in the event there is a dispute with the shipper.  By tracking them, we also have the opportunity to notify our residents that they have received a package.  As long as you’ve provided us with an accurate email address, you will receive an email notification when your package arrives.  This saves time for you by not having to call the office or front desk to see if your package has been delivered.