Let’s Get Physical

A quick word from your favorite Property Manager Doug:

Dear Residents,

Currently we have 8 teams that have signed up for the building 2V2 basketball league and I wanted to follow up to see if anyone else would like to be added to the list. In order to qualify to play in this outstanding league you must be able to tomahawk dunk and rain 3 pointers like Larry Bird. If you do not have someone to play with we will team you up with another individual that is looking for a team. I will close the list on Friday and send out team assignments and game times next week. I am anticipating league play to start on Thursday February 12th. so get your Reebok pumps and headbands ready. If you have suggestions on the length of games and the format for league play please send me your ideas.

Boot camp will take place tomorrow night at 6:30PM in the basketball gym. No sign up is necessary so bring your drive and determination and we will provide the sweat and tears.

2Make a Difference: Electric Car Charging

A Green Community

As part of our eco-friendly approach at 2M Apartments, two wall-mounted charging stations will be installed in the parking garage for the charging of residents’ electrical vehicles.

Residents will have exclusive use of these stations that are conveniently located within the comfortable confines of 2M. Each resident who wants to use the charging stations will have the opportunity to become a SemaCharge member, giving the resident access to smart phone enabled charging status updates, exclusive newsletter updates, online bill management tools, and first hand release of station locations citywide.