Pet-Friendly Businesses in NoMa

Living at 2M puts the fun and convenience of NoMa DC right at your fingertips! But we understand that for a lot of our residents, your number one furry companion is usually right there hoping to enjoy some of the fun right along with you. If you think as we do, identifying businesses that are pet-friendly is always at the front of your mind.

Wonder no longer because NoMa has your back! To help you quickly identify these pet-locations, our 2M team has come up with a list of our favorite pet-friendly restaurants/bars in NoMa! Who said that your pet couldn’t enjoy the life of one of DC’s most exciting neighborhoods right along with you?

We hope you enjoy this list! If you identify any other pet-friendly restaurants in NoMa, please comment below.



Inspired by the beer gardens of Germany, Wunder Garten has quickly become a neighborhood staple where friends and families gather. With a carefully designed selection of German and Craft Beers, and a well-regarded wine and liquor program, Wunder Garten provides a welcoming and relaxed outdoor experience. They’re open year-round in a climate-controlled pavilion. Stop by for a beer, and join them for annual celebrations of traditional Bavarian events, including Oktoberfest, Frühlingsfest, and Winterfest.

Address: 1101 First St. NE Washington DC, 20002

Uncle Chip’s Café

Uncle Chip’s Cookie and Dessert Suppliers’ mission is simple: to provide its customers with an irresistible, one of a kind cookie that can be enjoyed just about any time, anywhere. That’s why they only use the finest ingredients and deliver across the country.

Enjoy the classic home-town feel of Uncle Chip’s Café in NoMa DC.

Address: 1514 North Capitol St NW, Washington, DC 20002


Peregrine Espresso

Peregrine Espresso sets a standard of quality coffee with friendly service in the District for all customers who walk in their doors. Many of their amazing baristas have competed at regional and national Barista or Brewers Cup competitions to continue their coffee education and inspire excitement at all of their shops. 

You and your pet will surely enjoy your time at Peregrine Espresso!

 Address: 1309 5th St NE, Washington, DC 20002 

St. Anselm

St. Anselm is an American tavern devoted to the pleasures of grilled meats and great ingredients simply cooked.

While steak is a specialty, Chef Marjorie Meet-Bradley’s creativity doesn’t stop there. Delicious food, eclectic wines, and classic cocktails set the tone for a great experience. Paired with friendly service in an unpretentious setting adorned with offbeat décor, dining at St. Anselm is the total package.

Address: 1250 5th St NE, Washington, DC 20002



We understand that your pet is a part of your everyday lifestyle. These NoMa businesses make it easier for you to be able to enjoy all of the perks of living in one of DC’s most popular neighboorhood right along with your number one companion.

Meet The 2M Team: Nick Beaver


Say hello to 2M leasing consultant Nick Beaver!  As part of the 2M team, we asked Nick to tell us a little about himself, how he ended up here and what he loves about NoMa and DC.  


What was the path that led you here, either personally or professionally?
I have always been interested in urban-development and WC Smith is a leader for the DC area. With every new development WC Smith has built, they have also built entire communities along the way.

What made you want to come work with WC Smith?
WC Smith has been around for 46 years and they continue to expand. As I type this there are hundreds of apartment units being constructed/planned by WC Smith.

What do you like to do when you’re not working?
Explore DC and the surrounding area. You literally have everything you can want within a short drive: beach, mountains, other big cities, great shopping, etc…

Where do you see NoMa in 5 years?
NoMa is already growing rapidly, and in five years I imagine the neighborhood being even more dense and livable than it already is. There are plans for a movie theatre, more restaurants, nightlife options, and shops. I would love to see a Target nearby!

If you only had 1 day in DC, what are your top 3 musts?
I’ll be honest, it wouldn’t be the monuments or museums. Although DC is known world-wide for the Washington Monument, countless free museums, and other historic places, to me there is so much more to DC. I would stop at least one place (restaurant, bar, park, etc.) in a few of DC’s vibrant neighborhoods. Must visit neighborhoods are: DuPont/Logan Circles, U Street, H Street, Adams Morgan, Georgetown, Chinatown, and Eastern Market.

What do you think draws residents to 2M/NoMa now?
2M has more amenities than I’ve seen anywhere else, and there is no extra charge! NoMa is a growing area that has so much of what you could want including free neighborhood wifi, outdoor movies, access to public transit, and proximity to the H Street Corridor and other nightlife areas.

What is your favorite green feature at 2M?
The roof-top courtyard.

What is your favorite 2M amenity?
For sure the pool.

Describe your perfect day at 2M:
Heading up to the pool with some friends to enjoy a few drinks, get some sun, and cook out on the grills. Later in the afternoon I would hang out in the skyline lounge with some friends before going out to some nearby bars.

Why would your pet love to live here?
My dog (he’s a long-haired Chihuahua) would have so many friends.

If you could chose a floor to live on at 2M, what would it be?
Eleventh floor. I like to be high up, and I prefer odd numbers.

What is your favorite place to grab lunch in the neighborhood?
Shake Shack

3 words to describe 2M/NoMa:
Upscale, urban, and unique.

Our Simple Promise To You

Our Simple Promise to You

Did you know that 2M never charges you any move-in fees or amenity fees? At 2M, we’re invested in keeping things simple for you.  When you make the choice to become part of our community, you simply pay an application fee and put down a security deposit.  If you have a pet, there is a one time, up front fee, but never any pet rent or pet deposit to pay.

In fact, that’s true for all WC Smith properties; we are in the business of providing clean, comfortable homes for renters across the District of Columbia.  We have been in DC for 45 years.  You are the key to keeping us here for another 45.  Our relationship should be built on a simple promise:

You pay a fair rent and we’ll provide you with stellar service and an excellent product.

No frivolous fees. No inexplicable charges. We strive for honesty and transparency.

Want to learn more?

Here’s what 2M renters and prospects are saying about us:

“I love everything about 2 M Street. The staff (everyone, from Doug, Tammy, Andre and even Emmy) have all been amazing, incredibly helpful and will do anything to make me happy and comfortable at my new home. Thank you so very much for everything you’ve done so far, and I look forward to coming home every day.”~Alek P.

“My name is Lisa Nibblins and I went on a tour of 2M Street and I’m loving this building. The located is great, I really love that this building has something for everyone, down to the smoking policy to the clubrooms, the Fitness Center and the Roof Top Deck a plus for me the POOL. 2 M Street is the Ideal place to live.” –Lisa N.

“The apartments and building amenities are great. The management and staff have been friendly, and attentive. All of your needs are addressed almost immediately. Couldn’t be happier thus far. Oh and Emmy, the community bull dog, is awesome!!” -resident

“My experience at 2M has been great so far. Moving in was a breeze and the community staff are very friendly. The amenities available are great for having friends over and also for relaxing for a peaceful night at home. The location near the NoMa metro and downtown DC are a huge plus.” -resident

Our Simple Promise To You

Meet 2M Concierge Andre Hughes

The doors of 2M Street are officially open and we are proud to say that 2M is staffed with some of the friendliest, most helpful people in all of DC! The 2M Street team has been hard at work creating a community, but we asked them to take a few moments to introduce themselves and to give an insider perspective on what life at 2M Street will be like. Without further ado, please meet 2M Concierge Andre Hughes!

Meet 2M Concierge Andre Hughes

What made you want to come work at 2M?
My friend told me that WC Smith was a great company to work for. She was extremely happy and enthusiastic about 2M and I thought it would be a great idea for me to apply.

What do you like to do when you’re not working?
When I am not working I spend lots of time doing different things such as researching census numbers, reading, studying geography and history which was my favorite subject in school. I also listen to lots of music from R&B,dance-pop,Rock,Funk and Folk music. I also love traveling when I can. My favorite cities are Chicago, Atlanta and San Diego.

If you only had 1 day in DC, what would be your top 3 must-do activities?
If I had one day in DC the three things I would want to do would be to visit The White House, The National Archives and the National Zoo in Adams Morgan/Woodley Park.

If 2M Street were a song, which one would it be?
If 2M Street was a song it would be Tina Turner’s “Simply the Best”!

What do you think draws residents to 2M now?
I think the amazing architecture will draw people in to see our building, as well as WC Smith’s reputation for being a company who caters to the greater good of the community.

What green feature at 2M is your favorite?
My favorite would be the Zen Garden on the rooftop, fed by the rain-collecting water cistern.

What is your favorite community amenity?
My favorite 2M Street amenities are the fitness center and the swimming pool on the rooftop.

Describe your perfect day at 2M?
A perfect day at 2M would include welcoming a large amount of moves-in’s and some very satisfied residents!

If you had to describe 2M in three words, what would they be?
Three words to describe 2M would be Elegant, Comfortable and Affordable.

What’s New at 2M Street

Spring is in the air here in NoMa!  The weather is warming and the cherry blossoms are in full bloom.  Spring is the time for all things fresh and new, and we could not be happier to be nearing completion of our brand new apartment community.  Here’s what’s new at 2M Street.

What's New at 2M Street

Our grand lobby is really coming together and we’re loving the look of our concierge desk and mail room.

What's New at 2M StreetWhat's New at 2M StreetWhat's New at 2M Street Apartments

Over the next week or so, we will begin outfitting the leasing office with desks and computers for our all-star leasing team.

What's New at 2M Street Apartments What's New at 2M Street Apartments

Our common areas are shaping up nicely, and soon enough we’ll be shooting hoops on the half court, working up a sweat in the fab fitness center, and socializing with neighbors in the club room.

What's New at 2M Street ApartmentsWhat's New at 2M Street ApartmentsWhat's New at 2M Street Apartments

In addition to the amenity spaces, the apartments themselves are almost move-in ready.  The stainless steel appliances welcome your best Top Chef impersonations and the balconies are as ready for summer as we are!

What's New at 2M Street Apartments What's New at 2M Street Apartments

As excited as we are to welcome our residents to their new home, there is someone who is outshining us all in the enthusiasm (and cuteness) department:

What's New at 2M Street Apartments

Emmy can’t wait to give you a sneak peek of the private dog park, so stay tuned for a look at her favorite 2M spot.  Which 2M amenity are you most excited about?

Emmy FAQ

Emmy FAQ

Who is Emmy?
Emmy is 6 month old, female Miniature English Bulldog.

What is she doing at 2M Street?
Emmy lives in the building with Doug, our Property Manager.  She has been given the impressive honorary titles of Resident Pup and Pet Ambassador at 2M Street.

Why does 2M have a resident puppy?
Emmy makes us smile every day and we wanted our residents to experience that warm welcome when they come to visit us in the leasing office. It’s about building our own community in the building.  Plus, dogs just make everything a little better.

What does she do all day?
Emmy spends her days in the leasing office, hanging out with Doug and our awesome leasing team, occasionally napping in 2Emmy Street, her dog-sized replica of 2M Street.

Can I have her?
While Emmy is so darn cute and cuddly that you might want to take her home with you, she does has a permanent, loving home.  Emmy adores both people and dogs and loves having visitors throughout the day.  You’re sure to see her playing with other dogs and she may even meet you for a walk in our internal dog park.

Until 2M Street is open, where can I get my Emmy fix?
Emmy is a ham for the camera, so you can catch the latest photos and activities of our @2Mpup on Instagram and Twitter.

I’ve seen her photos and I’m dying to know; where she gets her hair and nails done?
Emmy gets a haircut and a mani/pedi every couple of weeks at Howl to the Chief on 8th Street.  They adore Emmy and the feeling is mutual, she loves the attention from her glam squad.

I love dogs, but I’m not sure I’m ready for my own yet.  How will I know?
Spending some time with Emmy and our other pet residents is a great way to help you decide if pet ownership is right for you.  We hope to partner up with local shelters to host “yappy hours” for our pets and some adoptable animals.  At these events, residents will get to play with some furry friends, and might even find their four-legged soul mate.

We love talking about Emmy.  If you have any other questions, feel free to reach Holli at