Date Night at 2M

You don’t have to go too far for Date Night at 2M.

Valentine’s day is quickly approaching! And 2M Street is the perfect apartment community for date night! With access to incredible building features like our lounge areas, movie theatre room, bar seating, and rooftop sky lounge. You have all of the ingredients needed to create a romantic occasion for you and your significant other. 

The 2M Date Night Blueprint.

For safety reasons, our community spaces have not been able to host large events; this opens up an opportunity for our 2M residents to create more intimate experiences in community spaces meant to host large groups of people. It sounds like a fantastic date!

Below are a couple of ways you and your partner can have the perfect night in!

Romantic Date Night:

Covers & Rooftop Views: Yes, it’s cold outside. But we know that there’s no better excuse to snuggle up close to your partner. Make a lot of hot chocolate, grab some blankets, and enjoy panoramic DC views as you cozy up next to the love of your life.

For extra romance, couples can create a list of 30 reasons why they fell in love and then take turns going through their lists. — Be sure to add in some funny/witty ones for some laughs.

Wine Tasting in the Community Lounge: Our community lounge serves as an excellent setting for an intimate bonding experience. Couples can make a list of wines they want to try, pick them up from the store, and then create a romantic wine tasting date using the bar seating in the community lounge. 

Decide which wines you like most, and then add those to the “Must keep in the fridge” list. 

2M Movie Night: The movie theatre might be closed, but not at 2M! Our movie theatre room is everything you would want in an at-home theatre. Pop the popcorn, pack the candy and enjoy a beautiful night in front of the big screen. 

For some extra fun, create a theme around your movie night. Pick the movies ahead of time, throw on some themed clothing, and go full-on mushy couple for Valentine’s Day! 

While there are some tremendous intimate spaces at 2M, they’re also some great places to get a little more active for a date night. Here’s how you can turn up the intensity for date night at 2M.

Competitive Game Night:

Love & Basketball: Use the 2M basketball court to have some fun with your partner. Play a little one on one, play a few games of H.O.R.S.E, or simply see who has the best jump shot.

Resident Game Lounge: Our game lounge can add a lot of laughs to date night. Residents have access to our billiard and shuffleboard tables to make for a fun type of night. 

Create your own game night: The 2M lounge areas are also really great for creating a custom type of game night setting. Pick up some of your favorite household games, and make a tournament out of it. The person that wins the most board games will become the official date night winner. But you both will know that time spent together makes both parties winners. 

Special moments happen here.

The types of events we would typically do for Valentine’s day are limited this year. But as a 2M resident, date night doesn’t have to drop off. You have all the features you need to make your partner feel special.

2M Fitness

Living at 2M means living life to the fullest and at its finest.  For us, a big part of living the fine life means taking care of yourself, inside and out.  In addition to the fitness center, pool and basketball court, we have paired up with Bounce Fitness to bring a couple of fitness classes into our community.  We have begun with Yoga and Ab Blaster classes on Monday and Wednesday nights and plan to add more depending on what you all want and need!  Be on the lookout for more scheduling to come; in the meantime, here are a couple of photos from Yoga on the Basketball Court last week!

2M Fitness 2M-Fitness-Yoga-DC 2M Fitness Yoga DC

Tips for Moving Day

We are so excited to be welcoming our very first residents this Friday! Moving in to a new apartment is such a gratifying life event but without proper planning it can be unnecessarily aggravating.  We’ve got a plan in place to make the day less stressful for all of us.  Here are our tips for moving day to help keep this day exactly the way it should be: full of joy and enthusiasm.  

Tips For Moving Day

The Day Before the Big Move:

Check in with your move-in coordinator to ensure you’ve got the correct move-in date and time.

Be sure you’ve booked the elevator and moving dock at the building you’re moving out of so there are no delays or mishaps on moving day.

Confirm pick-up time with your movers and make sure they’ve got all the details, such as what floor you’re moving out of and in to, and how they can be reached the day of.

Read the fine print on your contract with the moving company. If you have hired movers, make sure you fully understand and accept all of their policies and terms to avoid disappointment and frustration later.

Pack an overnight bag with items such as snacks, water, toothbrushes, shampoo, toilet paper, paper towels, a change of clothes, electronics chargers and scissors to get you through the first night without having to tear through boxes in your fatigued state.

Before you unplug the TV take a photo of the back so you know where everything goes when you plug it back in.

Easily pack the clothes on hangers by collecting sections of clothes in trash bags, hangers sticking out of the top.  Hang in your new closet and pull the bag off, then put it to good use collecting move-in waste.

Take a photo of your current apartment to ensure the return of your security deposit reflects the condition you left it in.

Make sure you’ve arranged for a caregiver for pets for the day of the move; this is for your sanity as much as it is for theirs.

The Day Of the Big Move:

Wake up bright and early and treat yourself to a well-balanced breakfast and coffee.  This one may not sound fun but you’ll thank us by mid-afternoon.

Check the weather and dress accordingly wearing comfortable, seasonally appropriate clothes. Pack extra gloves in Winter and a change of clothes in the heat of Summer.

Fully charge your cellphone and make sure you’ve got all of the important phone numbers on hand for the day: movers, landlord, leasing agents, etc.

Scour the web for close-by restaurants where you can order a quick lunch and dinner without losing much time or energy during the move.

Leave a broom, paper towels and all-purpose cleaner at your old apartment so you can do a final sweep when the last boxes are out.

Try to stay on schedule – we’re thrilled to welcome so many residents in our very first month, but this means we all need to respectful of each other’s time.  Please be courteous about the time slot you’ve been assigned and alert your leasing agent or move-in coordinator as soon as you know you might have fallen behind or ahead of schedule.

Save your used boxes (and your tired feet) – once you’ve collected ten used and broken down boxes in your new apartment, let us know! We will gladly collect them from your apartment and recycle the boxes for you.

A Few Green Moving Tips:

Consider using a service like Repax, which delivers sturdy, reusable moving bins to your door and picks them back up when you are done using them.  You can read more about them here.

Try packing your fragile items in cloth items that are also being packed, such as dishcloths, clean socks, rags or even your clothes.  This helps reduce waste and makes packing even more efficient in terms of space.

Take the time to donate or post your unwanted items on Craigslist instead of throwing them away.  You’ll be surprised what people will be willing to take off of your hands!

We wish you a safe and happy move, and try not to be late! Emmy will be waiting patiently for you to arrive…

Tips for Moving Day




Adventures in DC with Thamyn

Last week we introduced you to Thamyn, the fabulous intern joining us here at 2M all the way from South Africa. Since she is brand new to Washington, DC, we’ve asked her to share her experiences this summer through a series of guest blog posts.  For her first installment, Thamyn shares what it was like to leave home, arrive in DC, and begin to explore all that the District has to offer!

Adventures-in-DC-with-ThamynJust over a month ago I made the most important decision in my life – to date. I accepted an offer for a one-year internship in Washington, D.C. This was not a decision with many pros and cons to weigh but I was also living a very comfortable and safe life. The only con I really had was the initial monetary commitment for the trip but the bigger issue was missing an opportunity that I knew I would some day regret.

Once the ball was rolling and plans were being made, the month had gone by so fast that it was suddenly time to leave. All I felt was the excitement of seeing a whole new world and the sadness of leaving my family behind in South Africa.

After almost an entire day of travelling, I soon stepped onto the land of the free and the home of the brave and not knowing what to expect. Other than the usual formalities of entering a new country, I was immediately taken aback by the pleasantness of almost everyone I have encountered thus far from passport control down to the happy lady who cleans the hallway of the apartment building in which I live. Just not used to good service from all levels of industry I guess.

The company has been gratuitous to provide me with accommodation at one of their apartment buildings in the NoMa district. It’s a really sweet spot with very new appliances that I have had to learn to use and a really entertaining concierge. The building is pet-friendly and I have already made friends with my neighbor and their cute dog Sophie. The Metro is at my doorstep so it’s been very easy for me to get around. For someone who has not used public transport much, since it’s not the best system in my country, I have quickly mastered the D.C. Metro system. The neighborhood is part of a redevelopment project I have learnt and it’s clearly evident with the lovely new buildings improving the landscape.

Week 1 at WC Smith, has been amazing and everyone has really made an effort to welcome me to the company and to D.C.. So far I have been treated to 2 baseball games, my first burrito and Krispy Kreme donuts! I was warned beforehand that baseball games are sometimes slow and long, but I definitely got lucky to see 2 really exciting games. Perhaps it was because I’m a newby and just learning the game, or it could have been the awesome stadium atmosphere and seeing the passion of the fans, but the games were anything but dull.

I got to meet Emmy, the 2M pup who is always excited to meet new people. She definitely makes life away from home and my family much easier and the day so much more eventful.

So it hasn’t been all play and no work. Learning about the business and how the property market in the U.S. operates has been very insightful. I have been able to complete a few online training modules internally and sat in on some meetings surrounding properties currently in development. I love how customer satisfaction is at the core of the business and a pre-focus rather than an after thought. I have so much still to learn from this business and I am amped to be here. Sometimes it just seems to be the right place at the right time.

Adventures in DC with Thamyn Adventures in DC with Thamyn

Stay tuned for more adventures in DC with Thamyn!

Meet 2M Intern Thamyn Naidoo

We feel super lucky to have Thamyn joining us at 2M Street this summer!  She has arrived here in DC from her home in South Africa and we can’t wait to share her insights about being brand new to DC and NoMa.  Here, she tells us a little bit about herself and all about what drew her to 2M.  Stay tuned for some guest blogs about her experience, but in the meantime, please meet 2M intern Thamyn Naidoo!

Meet 2M Intern Thamyn Naidoo

What was the path that led you here, either personally or professionally?
After losing my job, I had some time of introspection and realized I needed to see more of the world and so I searched for how I can achieve this with limited funds. An internship abroad was the best option for me.

What made you want to come work for WC Smith? 2M?
In South Africa and especially in my hometown Durban, the high-rise apartment living is in its introduction phase and having the opportunity to gain experience in marketing from an industry leader is highly beneficial to my future career. I also have a keen interest in social media and online marketing and love what WC Smith has been achieving with marketing 2M Street.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?
Eating! Hahaha. I love trying new foods and so far the abundance of exotic restaurants in Washington DC have kept my tastebuds very happy. I love adventure and exploring new places and there’s lots to see and do in DC.

Where do you see NoMa in 5 years?
I have only lived there for a short while now but I can see the new developments happening in the neighborhood and the efforts to make this a vibrant community with a fresh new look. There’s always something to see or do in the neighborhood from the movie screening on the green to the local markets.

If you only had 1 day in DC, what would be your top 3 musts?
I haven’t yet seen and done everything. But I have been explicitly advised by a kid I met on a tour that I HAVE to go to the Spy Museum. So that’s on my list of musts because it appeals to the child in me. And I also plan to climb all 897 steps in the Washington Monument at some point.

If 2M were a super hero who would it be?
Captain America comes to mind – the Chris Evans version! Good looking, strong…and you can always expect to be greeted a nice smile. And he also had a really good makeover.

What do you think draws residents to 2M/NoMa now?
Convenience, affordability and the community spirit I have already felt in the little time I have been here.

What is your favorite green feature at 2M?
Definitely the rainwater harvesting system.

What is your favorite 2M amenity?
The gym. Really nice new equipment and so convenient having it in the building. No commuting required.

Describe your perfect day at 2M:
Any day I see Emmy!

Why would your pet love to live here?
The private dog park allows dogs to socialize and their humans can have a chat with others living at 2M as well.

3 words to describe 2M?
I would say 2M is Refreshed, Friendly, and Progressive