Let’s Get Physical

A quick word from your favorite Property Manager Doug:

Dear Residents,

Currently we have 8 teams that have signed up for the building 2V2 basketball league and I wanted to follow up to see if anyone else would like to be added to the list. In order to qualify to play in this outstanding league you must be able to tomahawk dunk and rain 3 pointers like Larry Bird. If you do not have someone to play with we will team you up with another individual that is looking for a team. I will close the list on Friday and send out team assignments and game times next week. I am anticipating league play to start on Thursday February 12th. so get your Reebok pumps and headbands ready. If you have suggestions on the length of games and the format for league play please send me your ideas.

Boot camp will take place tomorrow night at 6:30PM in the basketball gym. No sign up is necessary so bring your drive and determination and we will provide the sweat and tears.

Top 5 Resources for your 2014 March Madness Bracket

We’re sure you’ve heard by now that Quicken Loans is offering a prize of one billion dollars to the person that completes a perfect March Madness bracket.  Whether you’re in it for the big bucks or for the sheer love of the game, we wanted to point you toward some resources to help you complete your bracket.

1. When in doubt, always trust the powers of  Rock, Paper Scissors.

2. Use the latest news and discussions about everything basketball on All Ballers to help inform your bracket selections.

3. Yahoo Pick ‘Em offers a clean, straight-forward selection process, ideal for those new to the process but fit for old pros as well.

4. Before taking in any games, newbies may want to brush up on their college basketball knowledge.  Check out College Hoops Net for everything from team rankings to TV schedules.

5. Once the games have begun, you’ll want to keep up on the action.  PC Mag has compiled some great options for live streaming NCAA games on your electronic devices.

While a $1 billion dollar prize is certainly enticing, the odds are likely not in your favor.  If you’d prefer to simply feel like a billion bucks, enter the WC Smith company pool, where half of the winnings will go to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  Make your entry donation by logging into your paypal account and sending $10 to miannarino@yahoo.com, then fill out a bracket here, using the password “March” to access the group tournament.  Good luck everyone!