Introducing Smart Pricing

Are you tired of rent increases that manage to one-up your salary increase? Have you settled nicely into a shiny new apartment, only to be blindsided by an impossible price jump in your renewal letter? We know what you’re going through, and want to do better by you. You’re a smart cookie and you deserve an apartment experience that lives up to your standards.

Introducing Smart Pricing

Introducing Smart Pricing.

At 2M Street, we believe in building a true community of residents who love calling us their home. Our residents should feel free to stay as long as they like and live without life-altering surprises. While we can’t control all that life throws our way, we can guarantee you this: upon your first renewal, your rent will increase no more than 3%. That’s an absolute MAX.

What does this mean?

You can go ahead and budget for this year and next year (wow, you’re on top of things!) with no worries and no stress. The length of your lease will not be stretched beyond 12 months unless you’re into commitment, in which case we also offer up to 24-month leases. Heck, you can even sign for as short as 6 months, but let’s be honest: we’re going to treat you so good, you’ll never want to leave!

This promise is ours to keep. These terms are built into your lease, so you can take that promise to the bank along with your hefty savings.

So why are we doing this?

No, we haven’t gone crazy. We are renters too. We know how frustrating it can be to live in uncertainty. We want you to know that we are committed to making your stay with us something special!

Go ahead. Relax and stay a while.

Meet 2M Concierge Andre Hughes

The doors of 2M Street are officially open and we are proud to say that 2M is staffed with some of the friendliest, most helpful people in all of DC! The 2M Street team has been hard at work creating a community, but we asked them to take a few moments to introduce themselves and to give an insider perspective on what life at 2M Street will be like. Without further ado, please meet 2M Concierge Andre Hughes!

Meet 2M Concierge Andre Hughes

What made you want to come work at 2M?
My friend told me that WC Smith was a great company to work for. She was extremely happy and enthusiastic about 2M and I thought it would be a great idea for me to apply.

What do you like to do when you’re not working?
When I am not working I spend lots of time doing different things such as researching census numbers, reading, studying geography and history which was my favorite subject in school. I also listen to lots of music from R&B,dance-pop,Rock,Funk and Folk music. I also love traveling when I can. My favorite cities are Chicago, Atlanta and San Diego.

If you only had 1 day in DC, what would be your top 3 must-do activities?
If I had one day in DC the three things I would want to do would be to visit The White House, The National Archives and the National Zoo in Adams Morgan/Woodley Park.

If 2M Street were a song, which one would it be?
If 2M Street was a song it would be Tina Turner’s “Simply the Best”!

What do you think draws residents to 2M now?
I think the amazing architecture will draw people in to see our building, as well as WC Smith’s reputation for being a company who caters to the greater good of the community.

What green feature at 2M is your favorite?
My favorite would be the Zen Garden on the rooftop, fed by the rain-collecting water cistern.

What is your favorite community amenity?
My favorite 2M Street amenities are the fitness center and the swimming pool on the rooftop.

Describe your perfect day at 2M?
A perfect day at 2M would include welcoming a large amount of moves-in’s and some very satisfied residents!

If you had to describe 2M in three words, what would they be?
Three words to describe 2M would be Elegant, Comfortable and Affordable.

What is 2M Street Made Of?

Hello, Friends!  We hope everyone had a great weekend.  With the opening of 2M Street, we are so enjoying meeting potential residents and showing off our brand new building in NoMa.  There have, of course, been questions along the way, so we’ve created this infographic to show you exactly what 2M Street is made of!

What is 2M Street Made Of

2M Street is Now Leasing

We are so pleased to announce that the Leasing Office is officially open and 2M Street is now leasing!  When you are ready to schedule your tour, give us a call at 855.808.2M2M.  In the meantime, here are some new photos to hold you over:

2M Street is Now Leasing

We love the light that pours in from the windows onto the furniture in the Grand Lobby!

2M Street is Now Leasing

Leasing consultant Feysal demonstrates the functions of the interactive touchscreen in the Grand Lobby.

2M Street is Now LeasingA second touchscreen is located in the leasing office to provide visuals of floorplans, amenities and, of course, Emmy’s Instagram feed!

2M Street is Now LeasingFurniture has been moved in to form a cozy sitting area within the resident Club House.

2M Street is Now Leasing in NoMaComfy couches and photographs of DC theaters by local photographer John Robinson complete the theatre experience in the screening room.

2M Street is Now Leasing in NoMaA view looking into the Cafe from the Club Room.  Beyond the Cafe is the community Courtyard, complete with Private Dog Park and outdoor cafe seating.

2M Street is Now LeasingAnother view of the Cafe, equipped with coffee station, seating and a flat-screen TV.

2M 30 tours (16)One of our prospective new residents testing out the gaming chair in our Junior Club Room, outfitted for Wii gaming!

2M Street is Now LeasingThe Fitness Center is now fully equipped with treadmills, exercise bikes, and free weights.

2M Street is Now Leasing-Rooftop PoolThe sparking Rooftop Pool awaits residents ready to splash their cares away in style…

2M Street is Now Leasing-EmmyLast but most certainly not least, Emmy awaits a visit from each and every one of you in the Leasing Office!

Meet the 2M Street Concierge Kali Hardman

The doors of 2M Street will soon open and we are proud to say that 2M will be staffed with some of the friendliest, most helpful people in all of DC! The 2M Street team has been hard at work creating a community, but we asked them to take a few moments to introduce themselves and to give an insider perspective on what life at 2M Street will be like. Without further ado, we proudly introduce…

2M Street Concierge Kali Hardman

Meet the 2M Street Concierge Kali Hardman

What was the path that led you here, either personally or professionally?
The path that led me here to 2M was a mix of a creative educational background and a professional background in customer service and administrative assistance. I learned about 2M from a friend who is also an employee of WC Smith and the more I learned about this development the more I wanted to be involved.

What do you like to do when you’re not working?
When I’m not working, I like to stay busy with community events going on in the area and by supporting local musicians and artists. The summer screenings at Union Market are what I’m looking forward to the most!

Where do you see NoMa in 5 years?
There are so many changes being applied to this area and it’s all happening very fast. If you would have asked me this 5 years ago I could have never predicted where this community is at now. It’s hard to say, but I have high hopes for this community building itself into one that applies plans for a better future for our environment and NoMa residents. In 5 years I’m confident the current changes are going to bring a very positive environment for everyone to live and grow here in NoMa.

If you only had 1 day in DC, what are your top 3 musts?
It depends on the day. DC always has some interesting events going on. If I only had one day in DC, I’m a foodie, so a personal must is trying some food you haven’t tried before. Todd Gray’s Watershed here in NoMa is a great place to start! Next, a personal favorite- The Botanical Gardens! It’s not far from all the museums and the monument and all the other ‘musts’ of this city, but it’s the most relaxing piece of DC I’ve found. Last but not least, read the paper and find out what is going on! You can almost always catch a free comedy open mic or a free show right around the corner.

If 2M were a super hero what would it be?
If 2M were a superhero, it would be Captain America. Doubted at first, but proves to be strong and full of hope and heart.

What do you think draws residents to 2M and NoMa now?
Location! We are a less than 5 minute walk from the NoMa/Gallaudet Metro station. 2M is setting itself up to be a very accessible, relaxing and environmentally conscious piece of the NoMa community.

What is your favorite green feature at 2M?
Rain water harvesting is my favorite green feature here at 2M. You will see rooftop gardens all over DC, which is a really good start. However here at 2M, we are taking the extra step to get creative and push forward on reducing our footprint on the environment.  We’re doing it because it’s the right thing to do.

What is your favorite 2M amenity?
The rooftop pool! The view up there is breath taking and makes you take a step back and enjoy the possibilities of your life in the Nation’s Capital.

Describe your perfect day at 2M:
A perfect day at 2M always starts when Emmy walks in the door! From there I’m looking forward to seeing future residents after they experience the tour of all our amenities and getting their feedback so we can continue to grow in the right direction.

Why would your pet love to live here?
Space! We have so much space for dogs to play and be social with other dogs. I think it’s important that we provide and environment for these animals where they will not feel confined. Here at 2M we provide a healthy, happy setting for pets and pet lovers alike.

If you could choose a floor to live on at 2M?
If only there was a unit on the rooftop next to the pool! I would like to live on one of the top floors facing the capital, you can’t beat the view you can catch from up there.

If you could sum up 2M in 3 words: 
Three words to describe 2M would be Conscious, Tranquil, and Elegant.


Stay tuned for more Meet the 2M Street Team posts!

Emmy FAQ

Emmy FAQ

Who is Emmy?
Emmy is 6 month old, female Miniature English Bulldog.

What is she doing at 2M Street?
Emmy lives in the building with Doug, our Property Manager.  She has been given the impressive honorary titles of Resident Pup and Pet Ambassador at 2M Street.

Why does 2M have a resident puppy?
Emmy makes us smile every day and we wanted our residents to experience that warm welcome when they come to visit us in the leasing office. It’s about building our own community in the building.  Plus, dogs just make everything a little better.

What does she do all day?
Emmy spends her days in the leasing office, hanging out with Doug and our awesome leasing team, occasionally napping in 2Emmy Street, her dog-sized replica of 2M Street.

Can I have her?
While Emmy is so darn cute and cuddly that you might want to take her home with you, she does has a permanent, loving home.  Emmy adores both people and dogs and loves having visitors throughout the day.  You’re sure to see her playing with other dogs and she may even meet you for a walk in our internal dog park.

Until 2M Street is open, where can I get my Emmy fix?
Emmy is a ham for the camera, so you can catch the latest photos and activities of our @2Mpup on Instagram and Twitter.

I’ve seen her photos and I’m dying to know; where she gets her hair and nails done?
Emmy gets a haircut and a mani/pedi every couple of weeks at Howl to the Chief on 8th Street.  They adore Emmy and the feeling is mutual, she loves the attention from her glam squad.

I love dogs, but I’m not sure I’m ready for my own yet.  How will I know?
Spending some time with Emmy and our other pet residents is a great way to help you decide if pet ownership is right for you.  We hope to partner up with local shelters to host “yappy hours” for our pets and some adoptable animals.  At these events, residents will get to play with some furry friends, and might even find their four-legged soul mate.

We love talking about Emmy.  If you have any other questions, feel free to reach Holli at