2M Pool Re-Opening

We are happy to welcome 2M residents back to the rooftop pool.

The 2M rooftop pool is back just in time for the Summer season! To ensure residents are enjoying the pool re-open in the safest way possible, we have some important guidelines in place.

Please review the following guidelines carefully:


  • The 2M rooftop pool will be open Monday-Sunday from 10 AM – 7 PM
  • The rooftop remains open until 9 pm, but ask that you start to exit the pool area before 7 pm to allow proper cleaning.
  • Do not use the pool if you are sick, have tested positive for COVID-19, or were exposed to someone who tested positive.
  • Remember to wash your hands and person before entering the pool area.
  • We are required to allow no more than 30 residents around the pool at the same time and only 9 residents to be in the pool at once. 
  • The max amount of time for each person will be 2 hours per day.

DC will be performing inspections from time to time and so, please help us in allowing the pool to remain open for the summer by following these restrictions: 

While at the pool, on the rooftop and in the restrooms, you must practice social distancing of 6 feet or more and must wear a face mask at all times except for when you are in the pool itself. You will notice we had to arrange the chairs so there is separation on the pool deck.

Please wipe down the lounge chair, if you choose to use one, after you finish and please do not share food, toys, grills, drinks, goggles, towels, etc. or engage in physical contact with those outside of your household while at the pool or on the roof.


Should you choose to use the pool, please email or call the front desk to submit the name of each person looking to use the pool and the 1-hour or 2-hour time slot you are requesting to assist us in crowd management.  Per our contractor’s guidelines, each resident will be asked to sign in with their full name, apartment number and phone number and must review and sign the attached waiver and acknowledgement form before using the pool.


Rooftop Pool Season at 2M

Your Pool Policy Questions Answered

In order to maintain a safe and enjoyable rooftop pool environment for all of our residents and guests, it is imperative that the following Pool Admission Policies and Pool Rules are followed. We know some of these rules may trigger questions, and we’d like to answer these for you! Below, you will find the reasoning behind some of the essential 2M rooftop pool rules. For a full list of our policies, see the official Pool Admission Policies and Pool Rules page here.

“Why can’t I have glass by the pool or on the roof?” 

Glass presents a safety issue for anyone in the surrounding area. In order to prevent breakage and injury, it is prohibited. Broken glass in or near the pool could force us to close and drain the pool, a process that could take 72 hours or more to complete – you don’t want to be the person responsible for this!

“Why can’t I have food by the pool?” 

If any food were to get into the pool, the entire pool would need to be drained. Again, this is a process that could take 72 hours or more to complete. We know our residents enjoy having everyday access to the pool, so preventing this process is critical!

“I live here, why do I have to sign in and who is signing me in?” 

In order to monitor the crowd at the 2M pool, we want to ensure that only our residents and their guests are checking in at the pool. Each leaseholder is limited to 2 guests at any one time, and by signing in, we can make sure that this is the case. Our pool attendant is an extension of management and is present to keep everyone happy and safe.

“Why Can’t I smoke on the roof deck?” 

In order to maintain our LEED Gold Certification, 2M is an entirely non-smoking building. Smoking is prohibited in and on the property, and within 25 feet of the building. This rule applies to all tenants, occupants, and guests of tenants.

“Why do I have to listen to my music on a low volume?” 

The rooftop pool is for everyone to enjoy. Loud music of any kind may disrupt other residents or residents of neighboring buildings. Maintaining a low volume will ensure that all residents can enjoy their own music if they wish to do so.

“Why can’t I dunk, dive, or partake in horseplay inside the pool?” 

Any of these activities are subject to causing injury to yourself or anyone in the vicinity. Preventing these activities will keep everyone safe without a lifeguard on duty.

Should you have any questions on the above, or any other Pool Policies and Rules, please contact the 2M Management Team at 2M@wcsmith.com.

5 Reasons to Put 2M on Your Apartment Hunting List

When it comes to choosing the perfect apartment, we know you have your reasons.  We’re here to give you just a few more.


1. 3 Words: Heated Rooftop Pool

Apartment Hunting List DC

If you are going to have a rooftop pool, shouldn’t you be able to use it as much as possible? Keep swimming laps well into the fall in 2M’s sparkling pool, or just enjoy the breathtaking view of the Capitol and Washington Monument.

If the weather outside is frightful, no worries. We’ve got you covered … literally! Our Skyline Café is completely enclosed and has Apple TV, a chef’s kitchen, but most importantly, floor-to-ceiling windows so you can still enjoy Washington DC’s stunning skyline!

See for yourself!


2. Green Living

Apartment Hunting List DC

You care about the environment, so do we! We took the extra steps to build to LEED Gold standards. You can read all about that HERE.

What does that mean for you? It means lower utility bills. More importantly, it means we make it easy for you 2Make a difference. (See what we did there?)


3. Smart Pricing

Apartment Hunting List 2M

Moving is a pain! If you find a place you love, you sure as heck don’t want to give it up next year because the landlord increased your rent sky high!

We like you and want you to stay in our community! So, 2M has a promise for you.

First, select your lease term anywhere from 6-24 months. When it’s time for you to renew, we guarantee that the maximum rent increase you will get is 5%!!!

We are so serious about this promise we are including it in your lease. We should also mention that 2M isn’t going to charge you silly things like move-in fees or amenity fees. So you can take that promise–and all your extra savings–to the bank!

Learn More


4. Transportation Options for Days

Apartment Hunting List DC

Whatever your preferred method of transportation is, it will be close at hand at 2M.

-Ride the Metro? The Red Line stops just 2 blocks from our front door.

-Is two-wheeling more your thing? We have a bike room in our secured garage and a Capital Bikeshare station right around the corner!

-Speaking of our garage, if you do have a car, we offer reserved spots in our garage and we even have electric car charging stations! (We told you we are serious about the Green thing!)

-Prefer to let someone else do the driving? The bus stop is right outside our front door! We also have an exclusive deal with Green Tomato Cars (the eco-friendly option to Uber).

Read More


5. Live With A Celebrity

Apartment Hunting List DC

Okay, not really … but she is the cutest bulldog ever! Plus, she’s InstaFamous.

Meet Emmy, 2M’s very own community puppy ambassador. You can meet her in the leasing office and play with her in our internal dog park. She can’t wait to meet you and your pet!

On that note, we should mention, 2M is VERY pet friendly! We welcome your dog or your feline friends. While there is a one-time pet fee, you will NEVER have to pay pet rent here!


Still not convinced? Come take a tour!

We know 2M is the place you should call home!