Give Your Apartment a Fresh Look for the New Year

Most of us spend each January making then breaking resolutions to improve ourselves in the months ahead.  We think January is a great time to give your apartment a fresh look for the new year!  Here are a few easy ways to upgrade your living space.

Clear the Decks

Start by clearing off every surface in your apartment.  Take every decorative item, kitchen gadget, candle and magazine and put them aside in a box for a day or two.  After taking in your space with a fresh perspective, start slowly re-introducing items.  You’ll have efficiently decluttered your visual and physical space and shifting some items around will give your place a new look with minimal effort and cost!


Freshen Up

One of the best ways to refresh your apartment is to deodorize your carpets (especially if you have pets).  Simply sprinkle your carpets with baking soda, let it rest for 30 minutes up to a few hours, then vacuum!  The baking soda will absorb any lingering odors and is safe on most carpets.


DIY Your Decor

giver your apartment a fresh look for the new hear

If you have a piece of furniture that no longer makes your heart sing, consider giving it an update with a coat of chalk paint!  Chalk paint adheres to almost any finish so there’s no need to sand or strip your furniture, making it an apartment friendly project.  Use a tutorial like this one to help you upgrade your outdated pieces.


Go Green

give your apartment a fresh look for the new year

Nothing freshens up a space like bringing the outdoors in!  Pick up one of these house plants to spruce up your surroundings and clean the air around you at the same time.


Personalize Your Space

give your apartment a fresh look for the new year

If you’re like us, there are a lot more photos on your Instagram feed than there are in your apartment.  Take a trip down memory lane by scrolling through your photos from 2014 then pick one or two to print and frame!