Green Living at 2M

2M Street cares about our planet and our neighborhood, so we built our apartment community from the ground up following Green Building Act Certification Standards. From the use of energy efficient appliances to the harvesting of rainwater, we are working to create a healthier, less wasteful home for our residents. So what exactly have we done to make us so proud of 2M? Read on.


Solar Power
A portion of our rooftop is lined with 182 solar panels. Harnessing the sun’s rays, this 46kW photovoltaic system will serve to offset energy use and costs throughout the building.

Rainwater Collection
Our onsite system will collect and harvest the first half-inch of each rainfall in two cisterns. Instead of flowing into the District’s storm water system, approximately 750,000 gallons of water will be captured each year and reused for irrigation and cooling tower makeup water. With the help of these cisterns, 2M Apartments will reduce our cooling tower and make up irrigation water consumption by up to 74%!

Electric Car Charging
Two wall-mounted charging stations will be installed in the parking garage for the charging of residents’ electronic vehicles. Residents will have exclusive use of these stations that are conveniently located within the comfortable confines of 2M. Each resident who wants to use the charging stations will have the opportunity to become a SemaCharge member, giving the resident access to smart phone enabled charging status updates, exclusive newsletter updates, online bill management tools, and first hand release of station locations citywide.

Public Transportation
Our building is located just 2 blocks from the NoMa/Gallaudet Red Line Metro and within steps of multiple Metro bus stops. Capital Bikeshare provides bike rentals on demand, and with a station right in our neighborhood and the Metropolitan Branch Trail steps from our door, zero emissions is easier than ever!

Eco Interiors
We’re also taking the eco-friendly approach indoors with features like Energy Star stainless steel appliances, water conserving plumbing fixtures, energy efficient lighting, low VOC paints and primers, and green label certified flooring.