5 Reasons to Put 2M on Your Apartment Hunting List

When it comes to choosing the perfect apartment, we know you have your reasons.  We’re here to give you just a few more.


1. 3 Words: Heated Rooftop Pool

Apartment Hunting List DC

If you are going to have a rooftop pool, shouldn’t you be able to use it as much as possible? Keep swimming laps well into the fall in 2M’s sparkling pool, or just enjoy the breathtaking view of the Capitol and Washington Monument.

If the weather outside is frightful, no worries. We’ve got you covered … literally! Our Skyline Café is completely enclosed and has Apple TV, a chef’s kitchen, but most importantly, floor-to-ceiling windows so you can still enjoy Washington DC’s stunning skyline!

See for yourself!


2. Green Living

Apartment Hunting List DC

You care about the environment, so do we! We took the extra steps to build to LEED Gold standards. You can read all about that HERE.

What does that mean for you? It means lower utility bills. More importantly, it means we make it easy for you 2Make a difference. (See what we did there?)


3. Smart Pricing

Apartment Hunting List 2M

Moving is a pain! If you find a place you love, you sure as heck don’t want to give it up next year because the landlord increased your rent sky high!

We like you and want you to stay in our community! So, 2M has a promise for you.

First, select your lease term anywhere from 6-24 months. When it’s time for you to renew, we guarantee that the maximum rent increase you will get is 5%!!!

We are so serious about this promise we are including it in your lease. We should also mention that 2M isn’t going to charge you silly things like move-in fees or amenity fees. So you can take that promise–and all your extra savings–to the bank!

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4. Transportation Options for Days

Apartment Hunting List DC

Whatever your preferred method of transportation is, it will be close at hand at 2M.

-Ride the Metro? The Red Line stops just 2 blocks from our front door.

-Is two-wheeling more your thing? We have a bike room in our secured garage and a Capital Bikeshare station right around the corner!

-Speaking of our garage, if you do have a car, we offer reserved spots in our garage and we even have electric car charging stations! (We told you we are serious about the Green thing!)

-Prefer to let someone else do the driving? The bus stop is right outside our front door! We also have an exclusive deal with Green Tomato Cars (the eco-friendly option to Uber).

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5. Live With A Celebrity

Apartment Hunting List DC

Okay, not really … but she is the cutest bulldog ever! Plus, she’s InstaFamous.

Meet Emmy, 2M’s very own community puppy ambassador. You can meet her in the leasing office and play with her in our internal dog park. She can’t wait to meet you and your pet!

On that note, we should mention, 2M is VERY pet friendly! We welcome your dog or your feline friends. While there is a one-time pet fee, you will NEVER have to pay pet rent here!


Still not convinced? Come take a tour!

We know 2M is the place you should call home!

Green Living at 2M

2M Street cares about our planet and our neighborhood, so we built our apartment community from the ground up following Green Building Act Certification Standards. From the use of energy efficient appliances to the harvesting of rainwater, we are working to create a healthier, less wasteful home for our residents. So what exactly have we done to make us so proud of 2M? Read on.


Solar Power
A portion of our rooftop is lined with 182 solar panels. Harnessing the sun’s rays, this 46kW photovoltaic system will serve to offset energy use and costs throughout the building.

Rainwater Collection
Our onsite system will collect and harvest the first half-inch of each rainfall in two cisterns. Instead of flowing into the District’s storm water system, approximately 750,000 gallons of water will be captured each year and reused for irrigation and cooling tower makeup water. With the help of these cisterns, 2M Apartments will reduce our cooling tower and make up irrigation water consumption by up to 74%!

Electric Car Charging
Two wall-mounted charging stations will be installed in the parking garage for the charging of residents’ electronic vehicles. Residents will have exclusive use of these stations that are conveniently located within the comfortable confines of 2M. Each resident who wants to use the charging stations will have the opportunity to become a SemaCharge member, giving the resident access to smart phone enabled charging status updates, exclusive newsletter updates, online bill management tools, and first hand release of station locations citywide.

Public Transportation
Our building is located just 2 blocks from the NoMa/Gallaudet Red Line Metro and within steps of multiple Metro bus stops. Capital Bikeshare provides bike rentals on demand, and with a station right in our neighborhood and the Metropolitan Branch Trail steps from our door, zero emissions is easier than ever!

Eco Interiors
We’re also taking the eco-friendly approach indoors with features like Energy Star stainless steel appliances, water conserving plumbing fixtures, energy efficient lighting, low VOC paints and primers, and green label certified flooring.

Bike to Work Day in DC

If you’ve been following us for a while, this post may feel like deja-vu.  We’ve always supported biking as a green mode of transportation, but with Bike to Work Day in DC this Friday, we thought we would re-share our “Biking in NoMa” post.  This Friday, May 16, thousands of DC Metro area commuters will choose two wheels to get to the office!  There will be a pit stop right here in NoMa, one of 79 stops throughout the Metro area, where registered attendees can pick up a free t-shirt and other fun prizes.  You can visit as many pit stops as you’d like, just be sure to visit the stop you registered for in order to get your t-shirt!  If you’re headed to Southeast, stop by Canal Park for a break and some fun prizes.  Registration is completely free and helmets are strongly suggested–safety first, guys!

Here is some info about biking in NoMa:

NoMa just may be the most bike-friendly neighborhood in D.C.

-The Union Station Bikestation provides 24 hour secure bike parking, lockers and repairs for over 100 neighborhood bicycles

-The popular Capital Bikeshare program has over 150 stations throughout the area, with 7 of them right here in NoMa

NoMa BID has installed free tire-pump stations for your bike! You can find them at the corner of Third and L Streets, NE, the corner of First and K Streets, NE, and at 801 North Capitol Street (near CCDC)

-The Metropolitan Branch Trail, an 8-mile stretch from the National Mall to Silver Spring, Maryland, provides a tranquil passage for bikers and pedestrians alike.

Bike to Work Day DCBike to Work Day DCBike to Work Day DC

Being Green Can Be Easy

The 2M apartment community cares about our planet and our neighborhood, so we built 2M from the ground up following Green Building Act Certification Standards.  From the use of energy efficient appliances to the harvesting of rainwater, we are working to create a healthier, less wasteful home for our residents.  In addition to providing a green living environment, we strive to empower our residents to make green choices in their day-to-day lives.  With some simple tips and thoughtful products, we’re happy to show you that being green can be easy!


Moving into a new apartment is an inevitable and exciting reality of living in a city.  Most of us have gone through the painful experience of paying a ton for cardboard boxes, enduring a stressful move, then trying to figure out what to do with the boxes when all is said and done.  Repax was created to help people move by providing a quicker, cleaner and cheaper alternative to cardboard boxes.  Using plastic bins that hold up to 30% more than typical moving boxes, Repax will deliver right to your door, then pick the boxes up when you’re all unpacked at your new place.  In addition to being larger, these sturdy boxes can handle your heavy items without the risk of a cardboard blowout.  Repax estimates that a 2 bedroom move using their products is equivalent to saving 2 trees and 105 cardboard boxes from the landfill!


Green Living Tips

Once you get settled into your new pad, you’ll need some tips to keep that green glow going.  Here are a few to get you started:

1)  When running a load of laundry, use the cold water option.  Your clothes will last longer and save major water-heating energy.

Being Green Can Be Easy


2)  Consider picking up a drying rack or using a clothes line to cut back on the energy used to dry your clothes.

Being Green Can Be Easy


3)  Cut out the chemicals and begin cleaning and disinfecting with white vinegar and hot water.  Add some baking soda to unclog a drain or give the shower a gentle scrubbing.

Being Green Can Be Easy


4)  Ditch the plastic water bottles and start using a Brita water filter.  Better yet, invest in a water dispenser and have hot and cold water at your fingertips whenever you want it (just remember unplug when you’re not home to conserve energy).  Step the eco-friendly power up a notch with Mountain Valley Spring Water, which is delivered in glass containers.

Being Green Can Be Easy


5)  Literally green up your space by bringing home some low maintenance plants such as english ivy, peace lilies or mums to help detoxify the air.

Being Green Can Be Easy


6)  Plant a balcony garden to control the produce you consume and cut down on transportation and manufacturing costs at the same time.

Being Green Can Be Easy


7)  Before bed, take the time to unplug items that are not in use, such as cellphone and computer chargers, and turn off lights, laptops and cable boxes.  Once a week, evaluate all outlets; if something hasn’t been used in a week, it should stay unplugged until the next time it’s needed.

Being Green Can Be Easy


8)   Pay your bills and your rent online and opt out of credit offers, reducing paper waste and eliminating that nagging stack of mail on your counter.

Being Green Can Be Easy


9)  Take a break from your Netflix binge-watching marathon and check out one of the many inspiring documentaries they offer.  A few of our favorites are: Food, Inc., Garbage Warrior, Who Killed the Electric Car, Tapped, and Garbage Warrior.

Being Green Can Be Easy


10)  Before buying any new furnishings, check out Craigslist or Freecycle for some great finds.  For some great up-cycling inspiration, check out the before and after series from Apartment Therapy, offering tips and tutorials for giving your tired furniture a serious makeover.

Being Green Can Be Easy




2Make a Difference-Smoke-Free DC Apartments

Smoke-Free DC Apartments

Creating a smoke-free living environment for the residents of our apartment community is just a piece of the living-well approach here in NoMa.  According to the National Cancer Institute, second-hand cigarette smoke exposes us to over 7,000 different chemicals, indicating there is no safe level of exposure.  At 2M, we want only the best for our residents and the greater NoMa neighborhood, so we’ve traded smoking areas for a rooftop zen garden and a beautifully equipped fitness center.

2M was built from the ground up with the planet in mind, and you’re sure to find proof of this around every corner.  Below ground you will find electric car charging stations and cisterns for rainwater collection, at the very top you can spot our rooftop solar panels and trees, and everywhere in between you will find Energy Star appliances, energy efficient lighting, and green label certified paint and finishes.  Our goal is to create an urban oasis, a higher standard of living; creating smoke-free DC apartments is an essential part of the equation.  When you step through our doors, you can breathe easy knowing that life is just a little better here.