2M To Host Art All Night Pop-Up Performances This Weekend

Update: we enjoyed a wonderful performance from S.J. Ewing & Dancers – please see the video below for a few snippets from that evening.  We’re pleased to announce that S.J. Ewing & Dancers will continue to have a presence at 2M in the form of a pop-up digital art installation.  Viewed from the North Capitol Street side of the 2M building, come check it out Tuesday, Friday & Sunday evenings from 7:30 – 9:30 through November 4th.  



This Saturday, September 23rd, 2M is excited to be participating as a performance site for Made in D.C.’s Art All Night, a free overnight art festival taking place throughout the city.  From 8-10PM, a series of pop-up performances will take place in 2M’s Sports Court and can be viewed via the floor-to-ceiling windows on North Capitol Street.

This performance is brought to us by S. J. Ewing & Dancers and will live on through the end of October in the form of a projected animation of the original live performance.  This performance piece, entitled “Analog: OnSite” melds the digital experience of technology with human movement by using interactive projections in live, site-specific dance performances.

More details from Director and Performer Sarah J. Ewing:

“In keeping with Ewing’s commitment to finding unique ways to explore social trends, human experience and culture through her work, Analog seeks to physicalize the technology society uses every day by bringing together the creative processes of both technology and contemporary dance in performance environments.  The OnSite series pushes this collaboration into the realm of street art by finding non-conventional performance spaces to present the work, thereby bringing art into the everyday experience of DC’s community.

This work has been created through a Performance, Event and Festival Grant from the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities and is presented by CulturalDC as part of their Storefront series with the support of CityDance.  The work is part of a larger series of Arts and Technology performances by S. J. Ewing & Dancers this season at Velocity DC at Harman Hall, Dupont Underground, Dance Place and Detroit City Dance Festival amongst other venues.”

Directed by Sarah J. Ewing

Projection Design by Jonathan Hsu

Choreography by S. J. Ewing with the Artists

Performances by S. J. Ewing & Dancers Company Members Ryan Carlough, Grace Cho with CityDance Conservatory Dancers Naiya Dawson, Tessa Fang and Noa Kamiya


photo credit: Kaylee Wong


More information about the Company and Director:

S. J. Ewing & Dancers is a contemporary dance company in DC who perform and tour the creative work of Sarah J. Ewing, a CityDance OnStage Ignite Artist.  Ewing has been a recipient of DCCAH Artist Fellowship Grants, Project, Event and Festival Grants and will be presented in CulturalDC’s inaugural Space4 season at Dupont Underground as well at CulturalDC’s Storefronts season.  She creates both theater-based and site-specific work, and this season has a focus on the fusion of art and technology.

Ewing was the recipient of a 2013 Local Dance Commissioning Project Grant from The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, through which she made Australia Home Land, as well as a participant in CulturalDC’s Mead Theater Lab Program who, in a co-presentation with CityDance, presented Trapped Happiness in 2014.  Sarah received a 2012 Dance Metro DC Dance Connect Grant and was a collaborator on the multi-media work, FILTER, for the 2012 Source Festival.

The company has performed at The Kennedy Center, Sydney Harman Hall, Dance Place, CityDance Studio Theater at Strathmore, Atlas Performing Arts Center, Detroit Dance City Festival, Boston Contemporary Dance Festival, Dance Gallery Houston, White Wave Festival NYC, Your Move JC, The Ailey Citigroup Theater, The Smithsonian Museum of America Art and The Hill Center.

We can’t wait to welcome Sarah and her fellow performers and artists to 2M and share their unique performance with you all!

For more information about the Art All Night free overnight arts festival, check out their website here.

For more information about S. J. Ewing & Dancers, including current, upcoming and past performances, visit their website here.

Featured image photo credit: Kaylee Wong


What is 2M Street Made Of?

Hello, Friends!  We hope everyone had a great weekend.  With the opening of 2M Street, we are so enjoying meeting potential residents and showing off our brand new building in NoMa.  There have, of course, been questions along the way, so we’ve created this infographic to show you exactly what 2M Street is made of!

What is 2M Street Made Of

NoMa Lobby Project


NoMa Lobby Project

Our NoMa neighborhood is full of hidden gems.  A community of art and culture is beginning to emerge and we couldn’t be happier about it.  The NoMa Lobby Project is a prime example of this, with a focus on transforming vacant urban spaces into temporary homes for programming of the artistic variety.  The Lobby Project is a collaboration between the NoMa Business Improvement District and the DC Office of Planning to activate unused office spaces. Four art shows for the project have been curated by Washington Project for the Arts, with programming and food partnerships from Union Kitchen, Roti Mediterranean Grill and Uncle Chip’s Cookies, who runs a weekday coffee shop from 8-11 AM in the space.

An art opening on March 5th will debut work from local artist Fawna Xiao.  She specializes in screen printing, which involves applying ink to a surface through a screen of fine material to create a pattern or picture.  Fawna uses a minimalist approach, and is inspired by geometry and geology in her work.  For The Lobby Project, she will be featuring her Black Mountain series.  Here is what Fawna has to say about it:

[box] “I will be showing some of my Black Mountain series in a beautiful glass building in NoMa — continuing my fascination with the color black, the simplicity of monochrome, and shards. This show is organized by Washington Project for the Arts (thank you WPA!)” -Fawna Xiao[/box]

Click here to purchase tickets for tonight’s opening reception, or stop in and take a look anytime before April 11.  You’ll enjoy some great artwork and feel good about supporting your community at the same time!




2M Art-Layers and Hidden Meaning

Local artists Harry Stone, Margaret Boozer and Tom Block are providing some amazing artwork for 2M.  We were lucky enough to spend some time with each of them and discovered that although they each have a unique style, there is a common thread among them: the art of layering and mixing materials and creating pieces that reveal themselves over time.

Made in DC: 2M Art

Think Local

A big part of building a community is being able to draw upon local resources.  One thing that the District has been blessed with is a rich and diverse network of artists. We are proud to be exclusively featuring local artwork in the 2M Apartment community.  Over the next couple of weeks, we will be posting about the process of selection and creation; here is a sneak peak of our time spent with Margaret Boozer, Tom Block and Harry Stone.

Margaret Boozer Tom Block Harry Stone