5 New Year Resolutions You Can Accomplish at 2M

2M is the perfect place to obtain all of your new year aspirations.


The New Year is here, which means it is time for a fresh set of goals, otherwise known as, “New Year Resolutions”. The challenge with the new year is finding the time and motivation to move down that checklist.

To help you out with the time and convenience piece, we have curated a list of 5 New Year Resolutions you can accomplish right from the comfort of your own apartment community.


The number one New Year Resolution on everyone’s list is fitness. What separates 2M residents from the rest of the pack is that you have access to a free, fully equipped, fitness center right below your feet! Any fitness goal you’re hoping to reach this year is attainable with an endless list of fitness equipment including, two Peloton bikes, yoga mats, multiple thread mills, dumbbells, squat machines, and more!

Take your fitness goals seriously this New Year inside of our 2M fitness center.

And when you’re not working out, you can work on your jump-shot on our basketball court located right beneath the fitness center.




The year tends to move very quickly. If you’re working for a living like everyone else, it’s easy to lose track of your social life. Don’t let that become you in 2020; at 2M, we have multiple areas in the building that are perfect for hosting an event or two. These include our Skyline rooftop lounge area, resident clubroom, television room, and a few outdoor spaces. It’s as easy as going to the front desk to reserve your date and time.

So, throw that viewing party, Super Bowl Party, Paint and Sip, or whatever else you have in mind to take your social life up a notch in the new year.





If one of your New Year Resolutions is to get out more, we have the perfect amenity spaces for that too! If you’re not enjoying the ideal weekend over-looking the beauty of DC on our rooftop this Spring and Summer, then you’re doing something wrong!

If you’re looking for more of a quiet outdoor space, our courtyard area is a prime location for an excellent book while enjoying your favorite drink. Remember that enjoying the outdoors doesn’t have to mean hiking or running, sometimes it’s merely getting outside of your four walls.



 The most consistent theme with a new year is trying new things. Things you would have never thought of trying before. At 2M, we host an experience that a lot of people are curious about, but have never experienced. This experience is yoga. If you are looking to expand your boundaries this year and focus on self-growth, we challenge you to try one of our weekly yoga classes offered on the 2M basketball court.

Be the person who is open to new things and actually takes the step to make new things a reality, instead of the one who always wondered. 





Even though we are in January, the warm season is not as far you think. Sooner than later, the 2M pool will be open, and the months from there will blink by until it’s closed again. Remember last year when you said you want to get into the water more next year? That year is this one.

 Find some time to enjoy a sweet dip from the comfort of your apartment community on our rooftop pool this year.


Volunteering in DC

New Year, New You

Volunteering in DC

New Year’s resolutions are all about improving ourselves.  We resolve to get fit, kick bad habits and get organized in an effort to become better each year.  If you’re ready to commit to a resolution that benefits both yourself and your community, consider volunteering in 2016.  Volunteering and giving back to your community is good for your soul and your neighborhood.


Whether you’re a veteran volunteer or a first-timer, there are some great resources in DC that make it super easy to give back in 2014.

One Brick 

One Brick is an organization that provides support for local non-profits and community organizations.  Headquartered in San Francisco with branches scattered throughout the US, One Brick is quickly becoming the way to find volunteering opportunities in your community.  What sets them apart is the inclusive, laid-back approach.  For those who are seeking to volunteer for the first time, it is super easy to sign-up, and commitments are flexible.  Even if you can only commit to a few hours a month, you will be welcomed with open arms.  One Brick even coordinates meet-ups after volunteer events where participants can mingle at local restaurants of cafes.


NeighborGood is free, online database that allows District of Columbia-based residents to search for volunteer opportunities nearby.  In addition, organizations are able to use this resource to post opportunities.  By facilitating communication and collaboration, NeighborGood serves as a catalyst for positive, community-driven change.

Single Volunteers of DC

This volunteering resource takes multi-tasking to a new level.  Local singles looking to meet that special someone can do so while giving back to their community.  Participants are involved in such opportunities as park beautification, food distribution and working with animals.  In addition, volunteers gather for social events to connect with others in their community who share their values.


Quit Smoking

New Year, New You

Quit Smoking

Creating a smoke-free living environment for the residents of our apartment community is just a piece of the living-well approach here in NoMa.  According to the National Cancer Institute, second-hand cigarette smoke exposes us to over 7,000 different chemicals, indicating there is no safe level of exposure.  At 2M, we want only the best for our residents and the greater NoMa neighborhood, so we’ve traded smoking areas for a rooftop zen garden and a beautifully equipped fitness center.

If you have made the brave decision to quit smoking in 2014, you are not alone.  This is a popular resolution to make, but how can you make it a resolution you can keep?  We’re here to help.


Kick the Quitter Jitters


While medications exist to aid in the process, there are some natural alternatives that may be worth a try first.

1)  Reap twice the resolution benefits with fruits, vegetables, juice and milk, which are not only great for you, but reportedly decrease the tastiness of cigarette smoke (kind of like drinking OJ after brushing your teeth).

2)  When performed in conjunction with the beginning of cessation attempts, the ancient Chinese practice of Acupuncture can decrease cravings and alleviate withdrawal symptoms, such as anxiety, irritability and difficulty concentrating.

3)  Meditation and hypnosis are both practices that allow participants to increase calmness and personal self-control without the use of a substance.


Write yourself a letter

Quit Smoking Write Yourself a Letter

Whenever we decide to make a positive change in our lives, we find ourselves full of hope and strong will.  Harness that enthusiasm and confidence in yourself by writing a letter outlining why you are quitting, why you deserve a healthier life, and what your future will look like with and without cigarettes.  In those moments when your resolve begins to weaken, use the letter to re-energize your efforts.  If there are loved ones in your life for whom you hold yourself to a higher standard, ask them to write you a letter as well.


Take Advantage of Positive Peer Pressure

Quit Smoking at 2M Smoke Free Apartments

When you’ve decided to kick any bad habit, surrounding yourself with the right people and environment can make all the difference in the world.  Start by announcing your intentions; your biggest supporters will make themselves known through their enthusiasm and refusal to let you veer off track.  If your everyday environments don’t line up with your new commitment, consider joining a support group or becoming part of a community of like-minded individuals.  At 2M, our smoke-free residents and environment will hold you to your commitment to become the best, healthiest version of yourself in 2014 and beyond.

Commit to be Fit in the New Year

Resolve to be a Better You

Commit to be Fit in the New Year

A new year is upon us, and the start of January will surely bring resolutions galore.  On January 2nd, the treadmills at your local gym are bound to be filled with runners looking to shed the cheesecake and eggnog of the past week.  Getting fit is a popular goal for the new year, but how can we stay motivated throughout the year ahead and beyond?  Furthermore, how do you begin?  To help jump start your healthier new life, we consulted with local personal trainer and fitness guru Errick McAdams.  Errick has been working in DC for the past four years, motivating and transforming clients with his supportive and upbeat attitude.  Lucky for us, he took the time to answer a few questions about kick-starting your wellness routine:

What is a great first step that we could start doing today?

The first step that anyone can take towards getting fit is to take a walk. Walking is great exercise and almost anyone can do it. Not hard enough? Put some hills in your route or use the incline on the treadmill. Another first step is: Drink more water. Actually, drink only water (black coffee and tea being the exceptions). Challenge yourself to drink only water for an entire month. You will feel awesome!

 Why is hiring a personal trainer a good idea?

The biggest benefit to hiring a personal trainer is having someone to hold you accountable to the lifestyle you want.

What are your go-to apartment exercises when you are limited on space and equipment?

My favorite apartment exercises are jumping jacks, push ups, planks and burpees

How to burpee video:

Meet Errick:

If a personal trainer is not within your budget just yet, check out a neighborhood gym:

Project Fitness

130 M Street NE
Washington, DC 20002
(202) 269-0050

Project Fitness is all about the Urban Fitness Lifestyle, offering various classes and personal training right here in NoMa.  To keep fitness fun, they even offer “four legged” fun days with your pet and healthy happy hours throughout the month.

Bikram Yoga Capitol Hill

410 H St NE
Capitol Hill
Washington, DC 20002

Bikram Yoga is sequence of poses and breathing techniques performed in a heated room.  This type of exercise can aid in preventing illness, promoting weight loss, increasing flexibility and creating an overall sense of relaxation and wellness.


Metropolitan Branch Trail

When a warm spell sweeps through DC, take advantage of NoMa’s bike-friendly attitude.  Hit up a Capital Bikeshare station, or pick up your own bike from 2M’s bike storage room, then check out the 8-mile MBT.

Commit to be Fit Metro Branch Trail


2M Fitness Center

Our residents enjoy 24-hour access to a private fitness center, complete with an innovative, functional-based training center and Energy Solarium.  With treadmills, free weights and fitness classes within your apartment community, you’ll have a tough time talking yourself out of a sweat session.

Commit to be Fit-2M Fitness Center