Thanksgiving In DC: Restaurants & Catering Options

Celebrate Thanksgiving in DC with zero stress. Whether you want to enjoy your Thanksgiving feast at a restaurant, or in the comfort of your home, these restaurant and catering options are delicious and effortless:

  • Carmine’s
  • Chef Geoff’s
  • Equinox
  • Osteria Morini
  • Oceanaire Seafood Roof
  • Nage
  • BLT Prime
  • Georgia Browns
  • Blue Duck Tavern
  • Hill Country
  • Del Campo
  • Glen’s Garden Market

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Sticking around for Thanksgiving in DC this year?  While a home-cooked meal is always a nice idea, why not switch things up this year and let someone else do the heavy lifting?  There are plenty of great restaurants to choose from that are not only open on Thanksgiving, but will be serving traditional feasts for the holiday.  Want to stay at home but don’t feel like cooking?  We’ve included a few catering options as well! Bon appétit!



Enjoy a true family style meal at Carmine’s with a full turkey, stuffing, traditional side dishes, and desserts.  For more details, check out their Facebook page.



Chef Geoff’s

If you’d prefer to order your own dishes but still want a variety of options, Chef Geoff’s $39 prix-fixe Thanksgiving menu is a nice compromise.  Check out the extensive menu options here.  You also have the option of having a complete Thanksgiving dinner for 4 people delivered to your doorstep!





Are you entertaining a crowd with a variety of dietary needs?  Equinox offers a prix-fixe menu full of clearly marked, plant-based (vegan) options, traditional Thanksgiving favorites, and additional, equally as mouth-watering dishes like a Pan Roasted Filet of Grouper and Harissa and Yogurt Marinated Lamb Shoulder.  This 3-course meal is offered at $75 per person and includes an oyster (and oyster mushroom) roast to kick off your meal.



Osteria Morini

Looking for a little twist on the traditional Thanksgiving meal?  Inject some Italian influence with Osteria Morini’s 3-course, family style menu, which includes dishes like Braised Turkey with Focaccia Stuffing and Marsala Sauce and Brown Butter Squash and Sage Gnocchi for $59 per person.



Oceanaire Seafood Room

A great option for a crowd with a variety of tastes is Oceanaire, who will be serving their full regular menu in addition to a Thanksgiving plate of Turkey Roulade with Sage Cranberry Stuffing and served with Mashed Potatoes, Cranberry Chutney and a seasonal vegetable.  Oceanaire opens at 1pm for those looking for an earlier reservation option!




Treat an extra-hungry crowd to this buffet option from Nage, which will include “all of the traditional items and more”.  The buffet is $45 for adults and $20 for children and will be served from 11:30am – 6:00pm so this is a good option for the early crowd as well.  Think eating on the early side will leave you hungry later?  Take a leftovers box home for just $15!



BLT Prime

For a truly upscale buffet option, spring for BLT Prime’s $125 per person feast.  Children 8 & under eat for free and children ages 9-12 cost $49 per person.  Check out the extensive menu offerings here.  Heads up: be prepared to provide your credit card information when making your reservation.



Want to enjoy a restaurant-prepared meal at home?

Try one of these great catered/prepared options:

Georgia Browns

Blue Duck Tavern

Hill Country

Del Campo

Glen’s Garden Market