Union Station Day Trips from DC


One of the greatest things about living in at 2M is how close you are to seemingly everything! You’re walking minutes from various local markets, rooftop brunch locations, bars, hiking trails, biking trails, you name it! 

In a normal year, you would be able to jump inside of an Uber and in 4-6 minutes you can find yourself in the heart of museum row exploring the inside of some of the most treasured sites The District has to offer. 

Unfortunately, in this unforeseen year, our normal idea of traveling and social settings were brought to a screeching halt. Leaving waste to all of our Summer adventures.

But as we welcome the last weekend of the Summer season, all might not be lost. As a 2M resident, you’re also conveniently located ONLY 2 miles away from the popular Union Station! At this hub, you can easily escape to some of the most scenic and adventurous neighboring cities with a quick train ride. 

Below are some easy Labor Day weekend trips you can embark on from DC.



The eventful city of Philadelphia is only two hours away from DC on the Amtrak. Once you arrive in Philly, you can begin your day trip with a visit to some of the most Instagram picture locations like the classic Rocky statue, or the popular, “Love” structure in downtown Philadelphia.

Once you’re done with your epic photo-shoot, you can pick-up an authentic Philly cheesesteak and head down to Philly’s re-vitalized waterfront to enjoy stunning views of the Benjamin Franklin Bridge.


Cultural Richmond, VA makes for a nice weekend day trip! You can visit the historic Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and engulf yourself with some of the finest art displays in the country. Or take a stroll through Cary Town where you can dine at some of the exceptional outdoor restaurants.



A trip to Harpers Ferry will be just what you need to have a nice, laid back weekend with new scenery. The city sits between the Potomac and Shenandoah rivers, making it a popular location to swim, fish, or even canoe! They are also very vast mountain trails where you can enjoy more exciting activities such as rocking climbing and zip-lining. 

Above all, you will love Harpers Ferry’s stunning scenery will make this day trip worth it, no matter what you decide to do. 


If you’re looking for a charming location to simply get away from the normal motion of DC city life, Ronake Valley is the perfect place. This area is positioned in the heart of Virginia’s breath-taking Blue Ridge Mountains. 

Once you’re done with your peace hike, the plateau at the top of the mountain makes for a perfect area to have a nice picnic, and enjoy some of the world’s greatest views. 


St. Micheals, MD

Our residents who really enjoy being on the water will truly enjoy a day trip to St. Micheals. Known for its stunning sunset views, this small town offers a very intimate feel for everyone who visits. Set sail on an interactive, fun-filled boat tour around the bay while you enjoy a satisfying glass of local sourced rum and whiskey. 

A weekend trip on the water might be just what you need to relax and refresh. 

Adventures in DC with Thamyn

Last week we introduced you to Thamyn, the fabulous intern joining us here at 2M all the way from South Africa. Since she is brand new to Washington, DC, we’ve asked her to share her experiences this summer through a series of guest blog posts.  For her first installment, Thamyn shares what it was like to leave home, arrive in DC, and begin to explore all that the District has to offer!

Adventures-in-DC-with-ThamynJust over a month ago I made the most important decision in my life – to date. I accepted an offer for a one-year internship in Washington, D.C. This was not a decision with many pros and cons to weigh but I was also living a very comfortable and safe life. The only con I really had was the initial monetary commitment for the trip but the bigger issue was missing an opportunity that I knew I would some day regret.

Once the ball was rolling and plans were being made, the month had gone by so fast that it was suddenly time to leave. All I felt was the excitement of seeing a whole new world and the sadness of leaving my family behind in South Africa.

After almost an entire day of travelling, I soon stepped onto the land of the free and the home of the brave and not knowing what to expect. Other than the usual formalities of entering a new country, I was immediately taken aback by the pleasantness of almost everyone I have encountered thus far from passport control down to the happy lady who cleans the hallway of the apartment building in which I live. Just not used to good service from all levels of industry I guess.

The company has been gratuitous to provide me with accommodation at one of their apartment buildings in the NoMa district. It’s a really sweet spot with very new appliances that I have had to learn to use and a really entertaining concierge. The building is pet-friendly and I have already made friends with my neighbor and their cute dog Sophie. The Metro is at my doorstep so it’s been very easy for me to get around. For someone who has not used public transport much, since it’s not the best system in my country, I have quickly mastered the D.C. Metro system. The neighborhood is part of a redevelopment project I have learnt and it’s clearly evident with the lovely new buildings improving the landscape.

Week 1 at WC Smith, has been amazing and everyone has really made an effort to welcome me to the company and to D.C.. So far I have been treated to 2 baseball games, my first burrito and Krispy Kreme donuts! I was warned beforehand that baseball games are sometimes slow and long, but I definitely got lucky to see 2 really exciting games. Perhaps it was because I’m a newby and just learning the game, or it could have been the awesome stadium atmosphere and seeing the passion of the fans, but the games were anything but dull.

I got to meet Emmy, the 2M pup who is always excited to meet new people. She definitely makes life away from home and my family much easier and the day so much more eventful.

So it hasn’t been all play and no work. Learning about the business and how the property market in the U.S. operates has been very insightful. I have been able to complete a few online training modules internally and sat in on some meetings surrounding properties currently in development. I love how customer satisfaction is at the core of the business and a pre-focus rather than an after thought. I have so much still to learn from this business and I am amped to be here. Sometimes it just seems to be the right place at the right time.

Adventures in DC with Thamyn Adventures in DC with Thamyn

Stay tuned for more adventures in DC with Thamyn!