Studio Apartment Video Tour

Whether you’re already settled into your 2M apartment, moving in soon or just starting your apartment search, we wanted to give you a peek inside one of our studio apartments with Christine as your guide in this video tour!


“We’re showing you today a model of our studio apartment that’s

First I want to show you this awesome closet, as soon as you walk in
your front door. It has a rack in it, so you can definitely get
storage above and below, which is really great, especially in a
studio where you may not have a lot of room.

This apartment features a stainless steel refrigerator, microwave
oven, and dishwasher, all energy efficient, so you don’t really
have to be worried about spending a lot of money on your electric
bill. And also too, look at all of the plugs (outlets) around the backsplash,
so you definitely can plug in your phone, your blender, whatever
electrical device that you need to.

And check out the dark wood cabinets. Look at how deep these are.

Another great view of the NoMa neighborhood, and also our
dog park down here below, and the courtyard.

Now I’m going to take you in here to what is kind of your living area.
Then right here is another closet, again, enough storage to store
above and below, with the racks. There’s one in this line, one in
the middle, and one on the side.

How can you not love this bathroom, with a beautiful tile floor,
the dark vanity with the granite countertop? And look at this tub
over here, great for taking a bath after a long, long day. And
another bonus — another linen closet.

Again, another full-sized washer and dryer. Dryer on the bottom or
washer on the bottom, dryer on the top and full-sized…where you do
find that these days in a studio?

One Bedroom Apartment Video Tour with Emmy

For those who haven’t had an opportunity to view our one-bedroom floorplan yet, Emmy is here to save the day! Take a peek inside our model unit with Emmy as your guide in this one bedroom apartment video tour:

Emmy: Welcome to my home, guys! I just moved into my new apartment here at 2M Street, and I wanted to show you around.

This is my living room, with my laminate wood flooring. Don’t you love the pieces I picked out?

My bedroom is perfect, with a big balcony for me to see the views in DC and a comfy bed to take lots of naps.

My big walk in closet doesn’t have a lot of clothes right now because I’ve been growing so fast, and I need to make a shopping trip.

My gourmet kitchen is perfect for lots of snacks and treats. All of the appliances are energy efficient.

At the end of the day, I like to come take a nice, long bath and relax.


Thanks for the tour Emmy (and Kaitlyn)! To learn more about our one bedroom apartments, head over to this page or call and speak with one of our leasing consultants today: 202-969-8544